Brooks Saddle - how to mount?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by bonsaiisuperstar, May 27, 2012.

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    Hi all, I am still a MB noob and don't even have the engine for my bike yet. I want a Brooks saddle. From looking at pics i can't figure out how to mount the seat to the post. I have a Micargi bike and it's seat seems to not have the same mounting bracking that would fit a Brooks. Does the Brooks have it's own mount or will I need something different?

    Ideally I am looking for a layback seat post also. Like the one the Derringer bike uses. Anyone have any pics of their Brooks Saddle mounted? (from the underside) Thanks for the help!

  2. bonsaiisuperstar

    bonsaiisuperstar New Member

    I may have found a few answers. Was looking at the Sportsman Flyer site and they have a nice layback seat post and a gas tank that mounts to the back of it keg style. Sexy! I would still appreciate pics of examples of others saddles mounted. Thanks!
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    Brooks saddle mount on a standard double rail, adjustable seat-post vs the pillar clamp type found on the less expensive bikes. If you swap posts be certain the diameter is correct. Of the "lay back" type posts, I don't use them so can add nothing to that discussion.
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