Brooks Saddle knockoffs?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by mikesova, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. mikesova

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    Is there anything that looks like a brooks springer saddle but for less than 150$? It could even be vinyl...anything?

  2. ocscully

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    This link will take you to an outfit called Rideable Replicas. Click on accessories then click on saddles. They have two seats a small leather seat that sells for $20.00 and a larger cloths pin style seat that sells for $30.00.

  3. KilroyCD

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    There is a Dutch brand called Lepper, and I have one of their classic springers on one of my bikes. I bought it from a dealer on eBay a number of years ago for about $35, but I doubt that is the normal selling price for those saddles. They are beautiful.
    You can find some of the Brooks lookalikes out of India that are reasonably priced. I have an Avon saddle on one of my Raleighs. The rear springs on that one were too soft, and actually bent a bit so I replaced them with a set from an old Brooks saddle. But the price was right, in the $20 range.
  4. mikesova

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    does anybody have any pics of these saddles on their bikes? I'd like to see the "small" from the top view.
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    I have a ridable replica large hairpin style saddle, and am having problems with it, so far.

    I've taken the plunge and ordered a Brooks.

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  7. mikesova

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    thanks brendon, anything that I can get here in the states?
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    Not that i no of but due to wall street going down the toilet the aussie dollar is about 68 cents in a american dollar so its a very good exchange rate for you guys and probably cheaper to buy from australia and get it shipped to you then getting it in america. If you go on and type motorized bike seats it will give you the price in US dollars for the seat. It says $30 AUD is $20 US. Cheap as chips!
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    I bought a vintage seat on eBay with bad upholstery for $15, then got foam at Hobby Lobby and leather from Tandy- probably $50-$60 in it total. Not cheap....but not cheap looking either. Very comfortable.

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