Brown on Black


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10:36 PM
Apr 4, 2008
Wichita, KS
Question for someone with the proper knowledge - if one is riding a Whizzer - or any motored bike for that matter - and the frame is black - tank is black - and fenders are chrome - should one stick with a black seat or would a nice honey colored leather seat go ok?

I will tell you up front that I am colorblind - literally. And my wife stops me sometimes and says, " need to change your shoes. You are putting on brown shoes with black pants".

If you went with a brown seat you would work well with brown pants. If it were black you could go with any color pants.

I would stick with very dark colored pants so if you get various grease stains etc they won't be as noticeable (to others.)
haha, I dont think that was the actual question.

Yeah go with a black seat on a black bike. Brown if your bike was cream to dark brown in color.
HAHA! El, you cracked me up. I was just illustrating that I was colorblind.

Okie dokie - I will stick with the black seat....thanks for the input!
I think brown leather would be fine with a black bike provided there is some kind of contrasting stripes or graphics of any color on the black. If it is all solid black, I would go with a black seat.
I have two different colors of zip tie and two more of electric tape holding a spaghetti factory worth of cables in place.

So I'm the wrong guy to give aesthetic advice. ;)
Well, my bike currently has 3 colors of primer: gray, black and green, some parts painted black, some tan, some red and one burgundy, there is also some chrome, plenty of raw steel and.....a medium brown goatskin seat....yet here I am acting like I know what I am talking about. ;)