Brutus II

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    I've been extremely busy lately with getting in shape and freeride mountain biking that I haven't had time for much of anything lately. Here's something else that has been keeping me from the forums...Brutus with a facelift.

    New color and motor augmentation...48cc to a 70cc.

    Well, never mind. I keep getting a database error when I try to attach pictures. There are pictures of Brutus on a different forum but you'll have to look for them yourself until I can figure out what's wrong here.


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    Another beauty from iRide. Good work Dan.
  6. Tease. That looks like another sweet bike. Where's the rest of it? :grin:
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    If the tank and paint have this much detail the rest of the bike is going to take another month to finish at least :)
    Nice work!
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    I believe that it's the same bike with a new paint job/scheme and engine
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    Its amazing how just a new paint scheme can make it look like a whole 'nuther bike!
    Dan's work is unbelievable. Hope my stuff turns out at least half as nice.

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    I second that. Most of the stuff iRide builds, I would call "eye candy".
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    Thanks guys!!
    Yep, same bike just different paint. This time it was pimped out by my partner Richard. He did all the body work and then he and I spent the better part of a Saturday at his work in the paint mixing room and paint booth. Unfortunately for me, it's no longer mine. Going to be very sad to see this one go. The next step for Brutus will be a nice big crate to slip it into for it's journey across the pond.