BT80 electric start


Jul 6, 2017
Sharp bike! Is that a moped pipe?
Yes, moped pipe.

I like the carb, but curious if you've done any other performance mods. I'm fairly certain the pipe performs better than stock but isn't the best for a 2 stroke. I've been wondering if the bt80 can really be brought to life with reed valves, a tuned expansion chamber, modified timing and port work. How is vibrations compared to an unbalanced china girl? Wish the head was removable from the cylinder, would open more doors to get more power.
This engine works great with the header and pipe I have on it right now. The only mod is the custom header I made, much bigger diameter than the stock muffler. Looks like the stock muffler will choke this motor. I did have another pipe on but this pipe seems to work a little better, check Photo below.
Also had a similar exhaust on my Harley Tribute, that had a one speed 40t sprocket and pulled great from the start (no pedals) all the way to 40 mph.

This engine does not rev as high as the regular CG, but pulls great right off the start. I only get to rev up to 6000 rpm. above 5400 is when it starts to vibrates a little but below that it is very smooth. Engine feels more refined than the regular CG. I guess it would help with a little port/polish but limited with the one piece head.