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    Here are the specs on my trailer.

    1. 1/2 in oak
    2. 1/2 in drill rod
    3. Turnigy C6364 Motor
    Input Voltage : max. 37V (10S Li-po)
    Kv : 230 rpm/V within 10%
    Internal Resistance : 28 mohm
    No Load current @ 7V: 2.16A
    Dimensions : 63mm X 64mm / 2.48in X 2.52in
    Shaft diameter : 10mm / 0.39in
    Weight with cables : 640g / 22.58oz
    Number of poles/magnets : 14
    Power equivalent : .90 - 150 Glow engine
    Prop: 14x10~18x12 (lipo from 6 to 8 cells)
    ESC Required: 60A Minimum
    Watts: 1900W

    4. 16 sprocket for motor - Also have a 12 & 14 sprocket to experiment with
    5. 54 sprocket for jackshaft
    6. Roller clutch with 18 tooth sprocket glued on with red Loctite.
    7. 1/2" Flang mounted roller bearings
    8. Astro servo tester
    9.CC HV 85 amp ESC
    10. 48V 20ah lipo battery
    11. Bike Nashbar trailer

    The lead acid batteries in the picture are for starting lawn mowers and I am just using them for testing. I blew the bms on my lipo.

    My motor does not like 48v, so I been testing at 24v. It seems to like the 24v when the trailer is geared to go 20 mph. Any faster and the motor heats up to burn your hand temp (~130 - 135 deg F) in about 10 sec at WOT. Running on 48v and geared for 20mph, it hits max temp in about 12 miles at WOT. Running on 36v it gets hotter then I would like, but is unusable because of ESC problems.

    At 48v and 36v, the ESC cuts out if I accelerate too hard or go up steep hills at WOT. This problem does not occur at 24v. I contacted CC, but nothing has resolved the problem yet. I thinking about solving the problem by going to a larger motor that is rated for 48v. I think that it is an over rated motor issue rather then an ESC issue.

    It is hard to know exactly what is going on with the system without data. I think I am going to buy and Eagle Tree data logger, so I can measure throttle position, motor temp, battery temp, motor rpm, amps, amp hours, volts, and watts.


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  2. s_beaudry

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    Very nice setup you have!

    Very ingenious idea with the trailer!
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    I think your on the right track. Very cool. You must have used a few brain cells coming up with that design. :cool:
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    Kudos on your project. I like the workmanship involved. You put some time into it. Hope you get the electricals sorted out.

  5. dontsendbubbamail

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    I have an Eagle Tree data logger on order and a lager motor that is specked for 48 volts. The motor is the HXT 80-100-B. This will force me to add some current limiting, so that I don't over current my battery.