Bucking bar sticking out too far......?


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May 21, 2018
It started yesterday, I put around 20 miles on the bike throughout the day, everything was running perfect. When all of a sudden the bike began to high rev and I lost power. The clutch would not engage with the handle released ( and all was adjusted fine). The rear wheel was free spinning.
It turns out my drive sprocket screw came off. I tried tightening it and it kept spinning off. Then I discovered it was happening because the woodruff key was in shards. Im guessing the motion of the chain spins the sprocket which unscrews the screw...?

Anyhow, after I figure that out I put it all back together until I am able to purchase a new woodruff key. BUT NOW... I can't screw on the clutch arm cover because the bucking bar is sticking out to far.

So what the hell did I do here? Why is it sticking out to far?
And how do I fix it? .....please help.


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Jul 23, 2012
it is important when putting chain on to feed it in from bottom so as not to loosen sprocket nut when turning it - too late now, but keep that in mind

sprocket will not work without that key, as temp fix one ca bend a washer (or two) in half to hold it till you get to store to buy one

bucking bar length is controlled by flower nut on other side & that probably moved a lot when all came loose

put cover on by tightening the three screws 1/2 turn at a time until it is all the way on

now tighten flower nut until clutch arm has some slack to move a bit while it points close to straight back toward rear