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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by pcwatson1, Mar 7, 2010.

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    Hey guys,

    This is my second post. My introduction is over here: I have really been intrigued with the whole idea of the a motorized bicycle so I was going to run this past some of you more experienced riders for some feedback.

    I think that I want to go with a classic beach cruiser because they look good, seem to be well made, and are pretty affordable. I think that I have narrowed my search down to either the Schwinn Point Beach or the Schwinn Landmark. I would prefer the Point Beach because of the pannier rack but I have heard bad things about the aluminum frame. The Landmark is supposed to be steel. Does anyone have any recommendations on this?

    As far as my motor, I have come down to the Dax F80 70cc or the Grubee Skyhawk 66/80cc. Recommendations? Which, is the best value for the money? Best customer service, etc . . . ? Also, I live at about 6,000 feet so will that affect my engine performance greatly? Is there going to be a great deal of fine tuning for that altitude?

    Again, I am a total noob so any words of wisdom are greatly appreciated. I am basically trying to keep my build in the 300$ range being as I am going back to college this fall.

  2. professor

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    I would REALLY like to see you with brakes on both ends! You are going to go a lot faster than a normal bike
    . What bad have you heard about aluminum? There are a multitude of alum. bikes. If weight is not an issue -go with steel if you would feel better. Heck, my bike weighs 113#- goes like a bullet downhill.
    I read the china engines run rich so you may be fine up there.
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    Hi PC, One of my bikes is a Landmark, I do have front and rear brakes, the frame is steel and seems solid enough. From drilling one hole to mount the rear end of the chain guard I can see that the tubing is a thinner wall than the older cruiser. Mine is already set up as a 7 speed so I'll be adding a shift kit to that one. I have no experience or knowledge of either of those engines so I can't help you there. Good luck with your build. Woody
  4. seanhan

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    I have a Point Beach

    It's been a good bike, Had to replace the tires, tubes and seat.
    It's a good pavement only bike, No good at all for dirt roads .
    My frame has no cracks after over a year with a engine.
    The Point Beach has a real comfortable riding position.
    I have a gebe rack mount engine kit.
    So I did not have to drill any holes.
    I would not drill this frame at all. ( I think it would crack after a short time )
    Look around ... I got my bike on a sale at walmart for $ 79.99 plus tax..
    There is also a schwinn comfort bike I forgot the name ??? It has front shocks ... It's a clear creek I think ????? seemed a little better made , but cost a little more...

    If you want to run a rack mount on this one the back rack has to go !!!!
    Oh Yea the fenders a cheap carp !!! I pulled mine off...
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  5. pcwatson1

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    Professor, I know that I have seen a lot of Point Beaches out there but I just wanted to hear the feedback directly from builders. One guy I read on another forum said that he had a point beach frame crack bad. I don't know if maybe it was due to drilling the frame or what but I just wanted to make sure it was an isolated incident before I dropped the bucks on an alum bike.

    Weight shouldn't be too big of a deal but I don't want to get excessive being as I live in the mountains. Don't want to make that little engine work any harder than it has too. :sweatdrop: :grin5:

    What I end up with may boil down to what I can find on sale at Wally world. Of course, this probably isn't the best time of year to be looking for a deal but I will just have to see.
  6. ElMicNip

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    Hey PC,
    In my opinion I think you should go for it (build don't buy). For if you build it they will come. Who are "they"? I don't know ( maybe a G man). For bicycle choices I would personally go for steel. Aluminum bikes are nice, but quality aluminum is expensive. Many of the lower priced aluminum frames are budget performance. If you are an aggressive rider your going to want something that can handle the stress and torque you are going to put your bike through, also the weight helps slow you down with the compression so brake usage is limited (I hate stopping). If you plan on using just the frame and building up from there I would get something inexpensive. My first bike was a Huffy, my second is a Manta. I prefer the Manta. In a side by side comparison the Manta is much beefier. Don't worry about weight there are several ways to up the performance on your bike. Furthermore, surf the forum and read profile and view albums of people who comment; you decide through analytical research who to trust. Because honestly some on this site have no imagination, but many are brilliant. One important note if you build or buy there is one thing to remember; this is a motor from China and metal is of poor quality. Always replace mounting studs with hardened steel. I have two motors shear off the mounting stud flush with the motor. It is a nightmare trying to remove the stud if you are not experienced in that field. I am a Bartender by trade, but I do feel confident around tools and I enjoy building stuff and taking things apart to see how they work (the kid in me). My new motor I am using the 6mm head bolt kit from SBP: if anything breaks this time it will be the motor. I still have my 2 other motors sitting in the basement, but I get frustrated easily so I just buy a new motor and I will get to the other 2 whenever I have time to burn. Sorry I just go Bla, Bla, Bla sometimes.
    The motor mounts are at 70 degrees: 40 degrees front, 30 degrees back (got to keep carb level). Consider your frame when buying a motor. I have only used beach cruisers, but from what i have seen, regular v frames seem to work best. On beach cruisers and other bikes the bottom bar differs. Some are big, some are small. Most motor kits are generally designed for the smaller bar. If I rember right I use the Powerking slant head, as far as I know it is the only one I found that fits the wide bottom bar. I found mine at zoombicycle and piratecycles.
    Hope I helped and didn't confuse,

    The future can only be the future for so long and then it becomes the past.
    _unknown (if you know, help me out):evilgrin:
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    It is fast approaching a good time to buy a bike..
    The stores will want to clear the ones that have been sitting there all winter, To make room for the new spring shipments...
  8. pcwatson1

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    I didn't really think about that with clearance on bikes but that is a really good idea. I will see what I can find and keep you guys posted on my build as I have opportunity.
  9. happycheapskate

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    I suggest a $100 craigslist Trek 820 chromo steel rigid mountain bike. Search for the Snap On promotional bikes that were given away through Snap On tools. I bought one for a friend (to pedal) and its awesome, and steers very adroitly. It would be a perfect bike for a Grubee/happytime, and even better for a back-rack weedeater motor kit.
  10. pcwatson1

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    I have actually been checking Craigslist quite a bit actually. I am not really set on any one bike in particular. I talked to a guy at a bike shop and he is talking about giving me an older Gary Fisher for 50 bucks so I am hoping that the bike is in good shape.
  11. seanhan

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    Gary Fisher would be a great bike if it's in ok condition ...
    and 50 bucks yea .. The price is right..
  12. Hajuu

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    I hate bike shop guys. They never call you back..

    "Hajuu: hello id like to spend $500 on anything you can sell me today thank you sir."
    "Salesman: Oh ok let me just call you back *click*"

    *grumble* *grumble*
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  13. happycheapskate

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    Try a new bike shop, esp a click-and-mortar store like Nashbar, Performance, Colorado Cyclist, Cambria Bike, or Niagara Cycle Works. Harris Cyclery would call you back but they are still swamped with calls regarding the passing of Sheldon Brown the bike genius.
  14. pcwatson1

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    Turns out the Fisher was in pretty good shape. Needs a bit of cleaning up but I'd rather spend the extra time than the extra money.
  15. happycheapskate

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    If you want it done right, you have to do it yourself. Cheers to your find! $50 for a Gary Fisher seems like a **** of a deal. But then, bikes are like cars: So expensive to buy new, so cheap to sell secondhand.