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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Tommy Griffin, Oct 15, 2016.

  1. Tommy Griffin

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    Ok so I have a shwinn legascy that I currently run a stock Chinese 80cc motor on , ( you know the one everyone started with ) . Im 300lbs and get about 20-25 mph top speed out of it and thats all that I want really , I would use a little more but it aint that serious . I really want throttle response , I wanna be able to hit the gas and have my bike take off , even jerk maybe . Im about to order a predetor 79cc motor and Im looking for some suggestions . I have been hearing alot of good things about CVTs but I dont know because I have heard and equal amount of bad things about them .

    Im going to get this gas tank , i love it . -

    Im thinking abut this mount but i dont know if it will fit -

    Im currently running mag wheels and a 44 tooth sprocket .
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  2. Frankenstein

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    Is this a question or an elongated statement disguised as a list?

    I'd you need better throttle response then you are either a tad bit rich on the carb, or you simply need to start porting and upgrading components, you might get away with some weight loss, but damn I was 300 at one point (not while riding a motorized bike though) and I have to say 25 mph on a stock machine at that weight is pretty darn impressive. You may actually have one of those legendary perfect motors that sometimes come out of china from time to time. I say this because if I load my 200lb ass on my bike with 100lb in groceries I find 25mph a hard goal to reach even with a shift kit. Maybe it's the hills between me and the store lol
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    You will need more than 44 teeth. A larger sprocket will give you more torque for better takeoffs.
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    Will the 79 HF motor for one of those 49cx mounts ?
  5. Cozmik Mezzenger

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    You will have to drill holes matching your HF engine.