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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by PickerBenny, Mar 31, 2013.

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    hi i ordered a 48cc skyhawk engine kit. i set it up on my bike. However it seems very hard to pedal and start the engine. i dont know if my engine is messed up or my clutch is messed up. i just got this kit from my birthday and all i want is to ride a gas powered bike! :(

    there wasnt any directions so i tried my best from youtube videos to set it up. any ideas?

  2. Samdallas214

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    get the back wheel off the ground
    on the right side of the engine (other side of the chain ) you will see 5 screws
    remove them and take off the cover
    you will see a star looking thing turn it left or right to adjust to make it easer or harder to peddle.
    remember to only turn it only a little at a time
    with your hand try to turn the peddle so you know about how hard it is to turn.
    turn the star to the right (I thank it should make it easer but if it make it harder turn it the other way)
    with your hand try the peddle
    if it's easer put the screws back in and see if you can peddle start it .
    if not repeat remember to tern it a little at a time
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    not to overlook the obvious, did you read anywhere that you need to hold the clutch lever while you pedal up to a good speed, THEN slowly release the clutch to start the engine
  4. KCvale

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    This is the Grubee home page for Skyhawk engines.

    Installation manual, tips and tricks, etc.

    As for your bike being 'hard to pedal' it could be a lot of reasons, for example when you put the sprocket on you got your rear axle too tight? (remove drive chain and spin the back wheel) Is is loose or too tight?
    Does the drive chain hit the tire?
    Does the chain get loose then tight? That is a non-true rear sprocket).
    Is your motor straight and tight enough so if you can hold the bikes top bar with one hand and the motor with the other and push back and forth on the motor as hard as you can and it doesn't move AT ALL?

    When all of that is good then you can play with the clutch and it may just be your brass fitting on the clutch arm is not in the right place on the cable.

    With the clutch relaxed the arm should still have some tension, when you pull it full the bike should roll around easy. Sometimes it is the clutch plate adjustment but just not where I'd start is all.
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