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  1. I have some pics and updates scattered about, decided to consolidate to one thread. Still a work in progress, will be updated as completed.

    Descriptions for pics:

    Bike: this is the frame prior to any mods, and before i got the stand. it's a pain in the rear to work on these things on the floor.

    Stand_1 & 2: much better. rear wheel removed so that i could measure the hub and enlarge the drive sprocket appropriately.

    Sprocket_hole_1 & 2: this is how i figured dead center on the sprocket, not sure that it worked 100%, seems like its about 1/16th off. the drill press (referenced later) and hole saw. LOW rpms are required for cutting this type of metal, i learned this after about 4 hours, a bunch of smoke, and one detoothed hole saw later.

    Hardware_1, 2 & 3. new stainless allens acquired for the engine, as well as new studs cut to length.

    Engine_1 & 2: covers and head removed for painting.

    Springer_1, 2 & 3: springer fork pre and post install. you will notice that the fender supports are not attached yet, i am in the middle of making a bracket that allows them to be bolted down securely. during my last attempt i accidentally wrapped my finger around the above drill press, ouch, so build will be slow until it heals. (i have pics, but will spare you.)

    Painted_Sprocket: Got it back from paint this morning, turned out sweet. he is currently painting the cylinder head, engine covers, tensioner brackets and engine mounting hardware. should be done saturday, will post.

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  2. painted sprocket mounted up and balanced. looks pretty cool. interested to see how long that paint actually stays on there. :/

    so i then put the back wheel on, finally. trying to decide if the fenders/seat post/handlebar combination is the look i want. or if it will be remotely comfortable. maybe some 13" apes would work? hoping to get all these questions sorted and the chassis situated before the the engine is back from paint. Lord knows if that will actually happen.

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    Way to go! Great job so far! You have most of the hard work out of the way. Im excited for ya and great pictures.
  4. Looking good! I like your center stand.
  5. New pics from weekend ventures. was in advance auto and saw a sweet little pod filter for 8 dollars, just about the size of the old filter (if that even qualifies). opened it up a bit, drilled some holes and there you have it.

    got the cylinder head back from paint, didnt get to shave the fins (was distracted by the portugal motoGP race), but it still looks nice. should have the fins done this week, and hopefully will have the crank case prepped for him to paint. i also sanded down the pitted chrome exhaust and sent that off to be painted, should be ready by the weekend.

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  6. update:

    finally got the head fins shaved. looks ok. i may have liked it better all black though.

    got my m6 x 1.0 stainless rod from mcmaster, cut down 4 new head studs out of it.

    engine_3 gives you an idea of what it will look like. opted not to paint the case, still undecided if this was the best plan of attack.

    borrowed a tap and got the intake drilled and threaded for the boost bottle.

    cut some vibe reducing rubber pieces out of old inner-tube. i ran a heat test on it, doesn't even think about melting at temps of 550ยบ F, just gets hot. which surprised me. also wrapped the frame with it, then electrical tape, where the ubolts are going to mount to the frame. the flash makes this shot look weird, but you can hardly even tell its there in person.

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  7. just got this from my paint guy, matches the frame WAY better. sweet.

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    Top stuff

    Wow you don't do things by half. Looks really good. I am copying one of your ideas. I have some 3mm thick rubber to stick on the clutch cast casing. I will either stick it with silicon or there is another type of silicon called sicflex it's a bit pricey but sticks like **** to a blanket. Also I have been meaning to ask about how well having rubber under your mounts stops vibration. I have some 2mm rubber for this but I'm not real sure if I will be able to get it to fit if you know what I mean as the mounting brackets are a real tight fit on the frame. I might have to try and make some new ones, or file some more on these ones. Do you think its worth the effort??????
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    thats going to be one nice bike! it almost makes your real motorcycle jealous, jk!
    i know i am!
  10. i tracked down u-bolts that were the exact diameter of the frame tubes, opened them up some, then made some mounting plates. will post pics once mounted. as far as if it was worth the effort, i guess i will find out once its running.

    the R1 will ALWAYS have the horsepower advantage. so she is pretty content, knowing that. :smile:
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    may be missunderstood

    Hi Cherrybombking hey sorry about the way I wrote some of my last mail. When I said do you think it is worth the effort, I was talking about putting rubber on the engine mounts as thats what I was thinking about doing to mine. I am definately going to put some on the clutch cover. But I'm sure your bike as a whole will be well worth the effort. Just want to know if you think putting rubber on the engine mounts is worth doing or do you think it would make much difference?????
  12. wasnt too keen on the idea of the mounts having no insulation between them and the frame, as i've read that the vibes can cause the mounts to dig into the frame after awhile. have also read that some types of rubber mounts cause the engine to shift or rotate some, causing the drive chain to misalign. so my solution to both problems was to work in a few thin, but sturdy, rubber pieces into a multi-point (drill free) mount, hopefully resolving both issues at the same time. so at this point, all i can do is hope that it's going to work. and if it doenst, my only loss is some electrical tape and an old, used inter-tube that a bike shop gave me for free.

    pics of mounts, just to give you an idea.

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    They make a rubber coating that is put on the ends of rope for sale boats and more commonly put on wrenches and other tools handles. Just dip the parts in the jar and let 'em dry, it leave about a 1/16 to an 1/8 of an inch of rubber on the part. That could work well for your mounts, if they are keeping you up. I was lazy and just wrapped the frame in a little cloth where the mounts touch hasn't slide on me yet...
  14. That is useful information. i would be interested to know the name of the stuff, if you happen to know it off hand.
  15. Update

    New pics.

    Tank mounted, CDI mounted, shot of both sides of the mounted engine. and then some shots of it all put together. didn't get to test fire last night, was late when i finished and i have no idea how loud the hacked off pipe will be.. so decided not to wake the neighbors. wish me luck on a successful start.

    thanks to everyone who has contributed to the boards, the info on here was invaluable.

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    this build is coming along nicely :D
    looking really comfortable
    I have the same setback seatpost :D
    mine came from spooky :)
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    Yup, the seatpost is cool, but that engine is beautiful!!
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  19. it runs! there was some clutch and electrical tinkering needed, and i seem to have a tiny bit of fuel seeping out of the carb, but it fired! took it up and down the street a few times, and then got it to sit and idle for awhile, very fun.
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    The Night Train!

    A friend of mine had a harley that he customized in all black with red accents. It reminds me of your bike. He went so far as to paint every chrome piece black. Something to consider for your bike. It was very striking.