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    Let the build begin!

    So I have started on my new MB build. I have gotten a lot of help from venders found on this site and for that I thank you. I wanted to do something special with this build but keep it as "bolt on" as possible. Im a student now and have no machining tools so a lot of customizing is out of the question. I wanted to start with a sleek frame, something with a built in tank. My only real option was Grubee's GT2 bicycle. It is a nice bicycle with nice features but a bit over priced. So be it, I went ahead and bought one. I was a little sad when it arrived, the paint was not only bad, I came to find out its rusting. I took a few pics and sent them to USABikes and they agreed to shoot me $100 for my troubles.

    The first thing I did was take that stupid looking sticker off. It came off nice and easy with a blow dryer and some goo b gone. After looking at the bicycle for awhile I decided I didnt like the bad looking welds on the top tank. What could be a nice design is discredited by poor workmanship.

    Well heck, I got $100 right! Off to Auto Zone. I picked up some painting supply's, stripper, and bondo.

    $130 later I took apart my bicycle. I was worried the bottom bracket would be a pain to take off, I have no bottom bracket tool. But luckily it was only finger tight. Infact everything on the bicycle is only finger tight!

    The stripper ate through the China paint like a sailor in a ***** house. About an hour later and I had a nice clean frame. Soap and water to clean off the nasty paint remover, a quick sanding job, and Im ready to bondo. Im just doing the top tank and maybe some other spots depending on how much bondo I have left. Right now I wait, drink a beer and give it about 20min till I can sand the bondo and try to get some shape on the tank.

    I have a few pics to post, Ill do that later, just wanted to get this thread started.

    The paint job will be simple, flat black, a few stickers, nothing too fancy. Im no artiest. I wanted a gun metal finish but my local autozone had slim pickings in the paint dept. Maybe later, I still dont know what them Im after so black is a good base.

    Well back to work. Ill post again soon with more details.

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    Well its dark now, I wanted to prime the bicycle today but thats going to have to wait. I still need another layer of bondo to even out the tank top and some finish sanding. Here are some pics.

    You can see the damaged paint in one pic, after removing the paint I discovered it was rust.

    In the pics where the paint is striped you can see the top tank, the brass brazing and big A welds. It made the original paint look like big ol paint runs. Slowly Im working that out with bondo. My first time using this stuff so its a learning experience.

    I have a few more parts still on order but Ill put a few links to the better stuff Im using.

    Bicycle: GT2

    Rack: Sweet wood rack

    Also using stainless cable housings from the same place.

    Lights: Using a 12.8v 6.6ah lifepo4 system, pricey but it does last longer then SLA both in life span and cycle rate.

    I also have some 2in scooter headlights, motorcycle control handlebar mounted switch. Working on a tail/break light and blinkers but thats another project. handelbar switch

    Im using a SBP expansion chamber and livefast chain tensioner.

    66cc Piratecycles PK80. They hooked it up with a port job and new bearings. A simi stage kit, need to get the head and carb next. It wasnt easy to get the motor, Im in CA and as nice as they are at Piratecycle, he has to follow the law and cant ship to CA. Its okay, I have friends and family all over the country, a simple game of leap frog and CA is none the wiser. Dont tell Piratecycles.. :)

    I have a ton more cool parts and mods but Ill describe those when the time comes.

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    That looks great, im excited to see this one completed!
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    I was wondering when someone would peel those lame stickers off !!!
    gonna be a sweet bike when you are done :)
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    Some updates to my build. I finished the paint and started putting the thing together. I have a few issues and the paint is not prefect but it looks good from far. Its raining today so I moved the build inside for now.

    I am trying to fit the SBP expansion chamber, I have no clearance. The pedals are tight. Anyone have luck with a tight fit SBP?

    Below are a few pics, still have a few parts to install but you can get a feel for the build.

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    Well I had to sideline this build for awhile due to a death in the family but Im back building.

    I will take pics tomorrow when the sun is out.

    I do have one problem, trying to run my fuel line with a filter, there is almost no room from the petcock to the carb so I am getting creative. Im working on putting together a half rigid tube half stock fuel line. The only problem I had today, I dont have a flare tool so Im trying to use some JB weld. If that doesnt hold Ill break down and buy the flare tool.

    I installed a wider bottom crank and tomorrow Ill give the exhaust some attention.