Building a 4-stroke bicycle

So guys. I got the legit name brand engine. I have not gotten the other hardware yet.

How is this looking as far as being mounted correctly in my frame with this picture for better context?

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Looks like you have plenty of room. You also have it to where the carb is pretty level. Looks good
Guy's what is a good quality oil that I should use. The owners manual does not specifically say unless I overlooked looked it. 10w30 right?
I would just use the NAPA brand 10w 30. It's literally the same oil that valvoline makes

These engines use a 100cc. So thats over 9 serving per quart.

Depending on how often you change oil 25-50 hours, you'll get 225-450 hours of use out of a quart. So using a high quality oil is very affordable.