Building a 4-stroke bicycle

Godman, the 4G-1A has a 80T pulley and the 4G-1B has a 100T pulley. That is the only difference. They both fit the 142F or 144F engines with a straight shaft. Again, refer to the chart in post #19 and compare the speed differences.
Okay thanks. I thought the transmissions were different or something. Also as the other post mentioned, I thought their were an American based company as well.
Based on the chart on page three, I probably gonna go with the 1A kit with the 20T/80T setup.
The 80T will have more speed but the 100T will have more pulling power up hills. That's what I wanted. This engine and transmission will sure be a lot easier to install and the throttle is a "bolt on".
  • 1A Transmission 20T/80T pulleys with 9T and 10T slide sprockets. Use 5M-505 or 5M-510 belt.

Not sure what you are trying to tell us. The 1A and 1B will have different belt part numbers because they are different lengths. The 9T or 10T output sprocket has nothing to do with the belt.

If you look up this belt made by GATES it will explain what what every number and letter represent.
I copied the description from the 1A product description. You said the 1A was 100T.
Hi guys. Would this bike be a good fit? I believe it is a road bike, but my only concern is that sprocket on the back that has that little chain attachment.


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