Building a 4-stroke bicycle

If you get the cdh cnc front mount it should lift the engine enough to clear the chain ring. My only worry is those watter bottle mount holes.
Okay so your saying if I get a different motor mount for the engine?

I am getting the 1A kit from grubee website.
Not yet. My brother found it for me. He's asking $50 which sure beats buying a new one.
Godman, I have a Hausheng motor mount assy. that I can get you dimensions and angles from and send them to you. That way you can make a cardboard template and see if it fits the frame . PM me if I can help.
I have the mount from my 100cc kit. I'll take a picture of it along side a couple tape measures. At first glance that frame looks big enough and the angles of the tubes seem standard so should be fine.
I hope so. Going to suck if the motor mount does not fit, but I agree the bike frame in the picture seems pretty spacious.