Building a bicycle with a 3D printer

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  1. graucho

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    The day is coming folks. We are here in the beginning days of a new bicycle era.
    For me its an exciting new birth. The technology has years to grow, but wow, just wow.
    Some may say it's @rap. But we all know how fast technology moves. I'm just excited
    to be in this time in bicycle history.

    Printing a bicycle with a 3D printer

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  2. Ludwig II

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    I've seen items about this. The next industrial revolution is around the corner. It's proposed to do the same sort of process with metal, and if you think about that, single items or replacements for unavailable machine parts would be quickly and cheaply available.

    I find myself living in the age that science fiction writers imagined when I was a kid, and instead of it all being unrealistic fantasy, they didn't go far enough.

    Example: mobile phone. Mine was £10 from Asda, I can call anywhere in the world, I can go on the internerd, there's enough computation to drive a rocket to the moon and back and best of all, there's a facility for finding the nearest pub.

    £10. About $16 to Americans.
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  3. Richard H.

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    It made a splash a couple of years ago, I remember seeing that vid in the spring of 2011.
    The concept is great but the execution seems to have stalled somewhat. The mechanics are there and simple enough but the next breakthrough need be in the area of usable composites and bonding.