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    Does anyone have advice for building a good racing moped? Me and my friend are going to be racing some home built mopeds one the weather clears up. Oh, I'm looking for cheap.

    So what sort of frame would be best? I was thinking a BMX frame, but I'm not sure if those will fit the engine...Anyone have experience with motorizing BMX bikes. I know there are rear mounted motors, but having something over the wheel would not be ideal, as it would rais the senter of gravity (not good, harder to lean, plus my friend is MUCH smaller than me, so he has a huge weight advantage)

    For wheals I was also thinking wide BMX tires, preferably something slick if I can get it. Is it possible to get sticky BMX tires?

    Transmission wise I was just thinking the regular single clutch you get on a happy time, less weight, simpler, ect... However I was wondering how much abuse they can take? I want to launch at peak torque to get an extra kick off the there a way to install a larger clutch that will handle the added power better?

    Oh, I here the carbs on happy time motors suck...what would be my (cheap) options of improving this?

    Lastly, Breaks...I was thinking about somehow installing an extra set of break pads on the front for more breaking power...anyone do this?

    EDIT: What sort of Gear ratio would be best? There are going to be some pretty big straits, so top spead is important, but I also want to be able to not loose too much ground in the corners. My friend probably wighs 30-40lbs less than me, so he already is at the advantage there.
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    Oooh...10k RPM? Me like...Me like alot. A 50cc will also be lighter and easier to mount than the 66cc.