Building a MB in Glendale, AZ

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    First thing is I am really old. Turning 70 next month. Bought my first 2 cycle Yamaha trail bike in the late 60s. didn't care for the premix, but my buddies 4 cycle Honda was top heavy and didn't provide enough power for my 250#s. So that is where I started. Pulled a cylinder and head on the stage line road from Prescott to Phoenix and cleaned up the piston and cylinder enough to get me back to camp. Also have had to pull a carburetor and clean it for any number of reason including crossing a stream too deep north of Tucson.

    Enough of the past. Too old to ride like that any more and chance of tearing out a knee or other part I need.

    We have a nice set of bike trails along the canals and up some of the dry washes. There are several underpasses for very busy city streets.

    Looking for a new bike, but first ordered a Honda GXH50 from Small Engine Warehouse. (Think that is the name?) It arrives tomorrow and will be better able to judge if a frame has enough room?

    That is where I am and have taken too much space, but appreciate the information I have gotten so far. Including not buying my gear box and mount kit from a Tucson dealer. Thanks all, Jim

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    Welcome to MBc. Never too old to have fun.
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    I am 56, in Mesa, AZ and just buying my first motor for a bike. I am waiting on a Robin - Subaru Inside Drive EHO35 33.5 cc 1.60 hp four cycle, Gear & Chain Drive kit from Staton. I am amazed at how efficient the motors and drive trains have become. Maybe we can get together when our bikes are running.
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    Welcome to MBc Jim. Glad you're here. I'm 64 going on 16 and love these things. I use my bike as my only means of transportation. I'm in the 16st and Camelback area, so perhaps we can get together sometime and ride ride ride.
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    Welcome to the forum.

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    Hi Jim.Welcome to MBc!

    If you search and are unable to find your answers, don't hesitate to post your question. Someone will steer you to a link, or reply to your question. Were here for each other! Enjoy! :grin:}
    Here's a great crash course post "link" to get you started.
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    I used to live just off 35th and Peoria in Glendale by that big mall. Small world...
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    hello Jim sr,
    glad your here, your only as old as you feel, i feel 80 today...good luck and happy safe motoring...