Building a Phantom frame with built-in tank.

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    I ordered the frame from Bikeberry. It was about $220 delivered. This is just a mock up using an extra set of mountain bike forks I have. I have the front suspension locked at about the halfway point to get perspective of what it will look like with the new fork. I'd use them, but they have 6" of travel & that's just silly for a street bike so I'm waiting for the new suspension fork to arrive. I'm also waiting on a pair of Fat Frank tires. Cream colored & 2.35 wide.

    I've already broken in the engine that's on there now, and before installing it I stripped it down & ported the heck out of it. Port-matched the intake and exhaust, cut out the piston skirt at the intake side & ramped the other 3 sides. Along with the addition of a Dax RT carb & an Arrow exhaust it should run very well.

    The frame is very well made, and after some thought I decided to leave the finish as raw aluminum. It's very solid, and it's very big. I'm 6'1" tall, and I'm sure this would would fit someone at least 6'4" or even taller. The seat sits way back there. I can't wait to get the tires & new fork & get this thing on the road!

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    I've slowly been working it, and it's coming along quite nicely. The tires added a lot to the look I'm going for. I'm still not sure on the seat yet. I may end up getting a white or cream colored one. Pedals are still needed as are a good set of grips. I ran clutch & throttle lines & installed the chain after these pics. If only the temp would get above freezing here & some of this ice & snow melts I'd be riding it soon.
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    That Phantom is a beautiful frame. It's a little more stretched out than the GT2 tank frames.
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    How's the build coming along?
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    It's coming along very nicely. This is how it looks as on today:
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    It's pretty much a copy of an aluminum Felt frame with the tank sealed up with a gas cap.
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    Wow! Bike really looks SICK! :likelots: