Building a rear rack on my GEBE

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    Thought about it for a long time now and kept putting it off as I thought it would be too hard to do... but it turns out it is pretty easy actually!

    As the engine sits lower then the seat, I decided to build above the engine itself and mount off of the upper two bolts for the clutch housing.

    Swung by Lowes and picked up (2) 6" L brackets (shelf brackets) with pre-drilled holes in them that turned out to line up exactly to each other. They are roughly 3/16" thick and seem to be made of some type of pot metal.

    Simply ran the stock bolts through them with loctite and lined them up evenly for a mounting surface.

    They seem to hover about 1" or so above the top of the engine cover, so I do not think heat will be an issue, and cooling of the engine will not be an issue either.

    When I do a final mounting after painting it, I will throw a touch of Seals All on the back side of the brackets to keep them from shifting front to back.

    As seen in the pictures, I will be mounting an 8" x 8" piece of sheet metal to them and this will give me the space to mount a lunch bag to it with zip ties run through the bottom of the bag to hold it secure.

    In the second picture, take note of the four holes above the clutch housing, this could easily be adapted as well for a side bag, or side fuel tank!

    Will add the finished pictures tomorrow, but just wanted to throw out the idea to other fellow GEBE riders!

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  2. Wheres my dog

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    All finished....

    I got the lunch bag at Walmart for $5.88 along with the 1 gallon fuel container for $6.50 which fits perfectly inside the bag as shown in the pictures.

    I think it came out very nicely in my opinion, and is very easily removed in less then one minute with taking out the top two clutch housing bolts ( 4mm allen head )

    I am averaging right at 141.6 miles per gallon, so with the extra gallon container, no worries at all about riding anywhweres on a nice day, and being able to fill up at a gas station with an approved fuel container as well!

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  3. augidog

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    nice work, and nice presentation too :cool:
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    Thank you for the kind words Augi...

    My intention with this was to add serious range to the bicycle, and still have the stealthy looks of the fuel supply being hidden.

    Now... carrying the 1 gallon tank and the engine tank topped off, I have an effective range of about 165 miles or so. And if need be, thinking safety first, I can pull into a gas station and fill the approved tank easily and most importantly, safely!

    I am just about 144 miles from the beach, and my ultimate goal would be to ride there one day by MB and stay over, and ride back a day or two later.

    The GEBE, the EHO 35, and the Giant Boulder all have several hundred miles on them now, are well broken in and serviced frequently, and have not once let me down with a single issue or problem!