Building a V-mount with jackshaft and 7s-nexis

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by bigwynner, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. bigwynner

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    Hello all,
    Started to build a V-mount 80cc form and wasn't liking the standard wheel mount drive. Found tons of great info on this sign and thought id give back. As i build i"ll try to put up the progress.
    Current parts... Cruzer frame, widened to fit Kendal flames 3" wide tires 26" rear 24" front. Rock shox frount forks with lockout. front disk brakes, nexis 7 speed with coster brake.

    As soon as im finishing with sand blasting i'll put up some pictures.

    Question: Does the SBP Jack shaft cause the cranks to turn when the engine is pushing?

  2. Ghost0

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    Welcome and good luck with your build.

    To answer your question on the shift kit, no. There is a freewheel in the front chainring so you do not have to pedal as fast as the engine is turning.
  3. bigwynner

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    Yes good build indeed.

    So for the parts list is At:
    Forks: Rock Shox Dart 3 w/ stiff switch
    Brakes: Avid Ball Bearing Disc Brakes
    Tires: Kendal Flames 24" front 26" rear
    Wheels: "Off the ramp" takin care of the front, rear is the Nexis 7 speed
    Neck: Uno Free Angle. like to be able to move around but thinking I'd it not to stick out as far forward
    Head set: Cane Creek, the frame had to be sanded out to fit
    Handle Bar: Pazzaz fiberglass
    Seat: Electra Saddle with a 80 deg. bend on the past to set it back
    Cranks: Truvatin Holzfeller W/ Bashguard 33t &22t

    Like to weld mounts for the Motor and cut holes in the frame to run some of the wires through, before i get it sand blasted. and painted.

    Question-Having problems putting all the gear on the handle bars, can the nexis shifter be switched out for a mountin bike shifter? or anyone got some ideas on how to mount that much hardwear. And do the SBP jackshafts need a speciel crank or will mine work. and if so should i take off the low gear?

    Thanks, Shane
  4. mean lean

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    Im using shimano alfine 8 speed hub, needed to buy alfine shifter because of special adjustable attatchment on the gear cable wich conects to hub. you may be able to use normal shfter if you can rig up a "special adjustable attatchment".? let us know how you go with sbp kit, might not work unless you have HT motor?
  5. Pablo

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    The Shifter kit comes with the 3 piece cranks and spindle to work with the supplied freewheel. You can take off in low gear with most all standard cassette lowest gears.
  6. Pablo

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