Building my first bike, need a little help with the clutch.

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by ra42mario, Jun 17, 2009.

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    I've searched the forums over the last few days on help, and I am having an issue that I see is touched on, but I'm not fully understanding the solution.

    On this engine I am mounting to the bike, I can't get the rear wheel to spin now. The engine is "locked" I tried moving the "Clutch Bar" on top of the housing that hides the little 10tooth sprocket that drives the rear wheel. I see the little pin inside their, and I tried pushing it in, but I can't do that by hand, no by turning the handle of the clutch TOWARDS the FRONT of the Bike.

    Can somebody help me with this?

    Also I see the chain tensioner in the box, but does it mount on the bottom rail by the rear wheel, or the one going vertically at a diagnol which reaches the seat?



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    Welcome to the site.
    Might take the cover off and see if chain is bunched up and locking things up.
    tensioner goes on bottom rail. line it so it is feeding the chain to rear sprocket.tighen.
    thats is the spoke eating part. make sure its tight.
    If you look in the gallery you can see how a lot of the parts are suppose to be. Chances are there is one like your. Also you can see improvement that can't be bought.
    Also use the search box. Its has most all problems encountered.
    Good luck
  3. ra42mario

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    How far does the cluch lever (the one on the engine) need to travel? On my engine it starts pointing at the rear of the bike, then moves to the left side of the bike with no problems, but will no go forward which I believe is what I need for for the clutch to allow the rear wheel to spin.

    I took the cover off and the chain seems fine. It is not incontact with the housing anywhere.

    I've used the search as I mentioned in first post. All clutch issues i see is about the right side of the engine. My engine hasn't even been driven yet, so I'm not sure how the "internals" of the clutch can be jammed up.
  4. ra42mario

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    Ahah I got it. My instructions put me under the impression the lever had to move to the front of the bike to activate, in actuallity it has to move to the "rear" of the bike to activate.

    Quietly continuning my build. I can't wait!