Building on my Longbike again!

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Jan 30, 2019
Nashville TN
I started building on this bike it seems years ago, wanted a hi-seated recumbent like my first scrap build in 2018.

Then, I bought a bike engine, put it on my old schwinn to test it, and discovered my hoohaw full of palladium didn't bother me no more.

But...after 1500 miles upright, took a few trike rides. I miss it. I need my street-height recumbent.

Went back to work on Longbike. I got it where I could test roll, steering, tracking coasting down small hills with a hardboard on the seat platform. Nailed it, it steers with no flop or pull, tracks great.

Next step, is making the seat rods to match my trike seat, already made the matching base mount. I'll use that for fitting the rest. Then, handlebar selection, b4 I can fit out the rest. The suspended seat rails are from my first longbike build and works really well.

Engine? Not a china girl, maybe one of these fit under the seat.
Screenshot_20230426_192035_Samsung Internet.jpg

running a jackshaft (or direct) to LH rear BB sprocket, RH rear BB triple chainring will have a derailluer for dual shift. Single freewheel chainring in front.

It'll be my second scratch build.
This was the first, I rode it a couple hundred miles. Pile of crap, wallyworld hardware, and I chopped on it many times to learn rake, trail, tracking, and how to make remote steering. But it worked well when I got it dialed in.
longbike profile.jpg
Continuing with small stuff, I narrowed the seat channels, cleaned it up a bit, made an adjustable hard mount for the mesh seat.

I'm not sold on a pocket bike motor with a centrifugal clutch. How would that wear jackshafted and running thru gears? Don't seem thru reviews they get a lot of miles out of them.
Is there a manual clutch for them?

My other thought? Angled china girl to an upper jackshaft, back down to LH bottom bracket. Dual sprocket to LH front freewheel chainring. Keeps RH free for a three-sprocket standard chainring and front derailleur.

Lotta customizing. It'll take all year.
I rode it coasting in the yard again to test my expansion spring suspension seat rails. Works as well as I remember.

A thousand or so miles later, I've returned to building on LongbikeII. I scrapped the seat rails for a fork.

Some stuff mounted is me grabbing whatever makes it functional, that would be the chain tensioner brackets and seatback mount. I had to fit it first b4 I buy brackets and weld more stuff.

I rode it, brakes and rear derailluer functional.
I like it. NO wheel flop.
It does take an acre or two to turn.🤤🙄

Hopefully have all hardware finished by end of month.

I'm drooling over putting a 750W mid-drive on front bb bracket, and a Staton kit with a 27cc FD on the back as a range extender. It'll get the FD first cause I already have a 27cc.