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    The Bikeman built a trike, and it was not as fun as I thought it would be. It goes down the road, but it feels like you are going to tip over. I dont know if it is because I am not used to it, or I am not used to the way it rides. I would not dare go fast on it. I feel like I am going to tip over. But it looks cool. What experiences have other people had with motorized trikes? Please let me know!

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    15-18 mph is tops on that style of trike, the lower to the ground Worksman PAV's (with extended front wheel) seem okay a little faster.

    Even tri-wheeled motorcycle riders say they have a tendency to pull right.

    What helps? Weight, in the form of heavy duty tubes, especially in the front. Zip tie those spokes, too, that gives some stability.

    edit: weight in the back (basket with some counterweight will help. After you put the basket on, you can play with placing some objects in it).
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    That kit looks very similar to the one I got from vegaspaddy, which he bought at a garage sale. Who did you get it from, please?

    As for the ride characteristics, you've described a fairly typical Delta trike experience. The biggest source of the scary feel to the ride is the height of the seating position as compared to the CG of the trike. If you fab up a seat mount that brings the seat down on top of the rear triangle, effectively making it a crank forward vehicle, it will help some. Of course, that will require different handle bars, but that is easily arranged.

    Tadpole recumbent or semi-recumbent tikes are more stable. Also, a lowrider cruiser frame with a delta trike conversion and crank forward might work better.

    Are those 24 inchwheels? If so, where did you purchase them, please?

    By the way, that's a nice looking job you did there. I hope my current project looks half as good when done. I have a Huffy 24 inch ladies bike I am converting, and putting the HT engine in the rear triangle. Seat is moving back about 6 inches, and as low as I can get it - I'll basiclly have the engine between my thighs.
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    I got the whole kit from Spookytoothcycles it came with the rims and the hub.The hub has the drive sproket welded to it.It cost about 275.00.
    And yes they are 24" rims
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    That is a good looking ride!!!

    When I built mine, I was very cautious... it felt real tippy, too. Now after a month or so of riding, I got really comfortable on it.
    No fast turns !! EVER !!!
    You really have to lean your body into the direction you are turning.


    nice job!!
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    having used a couple of those from roland,
    may i suggest the wobbly ride is due to your needing some support going from the fender brace area down, and from behind the bottom of the seat tube to the new rear end
    azvinnie and myself have found that the rear of your frame will flex side to side (especially the way the rear just bolts to the dropouts), it needs some extra triangulation
    we have built 7 trikes(electric and gas, 1 was both ! :)) so far using that design and all of them needed bracing

    it will make the ride much more stable :cool2:
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    that is sick but I love it
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    Hey Boss where do you zip tie the spokes at im lost
    thanks craig
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    where they cross i think
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    Nice Trike

    Super nice looking trike bikeman ... hope you get the "kinks" worked out.