Built from scratch (not mine)

Discussion in 'Antique Motorized Bicycles' started by mudbug, Aug 20, 2010.

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    Since both the above links are dead and a link in another post is also.... I can only assume they are being killed off because of some mistake on my part of posting links to other sites.

    If that's the case... I won't attempt to share the article or pictures with others. I was only sharing it because of the unusual nature of the build using a 4 stroke engine and a lawnmower transmission..... Too bad.... it was/is a cool build.
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    There's a time/postcount limit for new members before they can post live links. This helps cut down on spam.

    your links are ok....they just need to be copied & pasted in a browser.
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    Thank You! I assumed I'd done something wrong being new here...Sorry bout that,but glad you saw fit to post the links so others could view them.
  5. not bad but john deere paint and 1hp engine = fail
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    The bike may not be the OP's project, but still I find that comment to be pretty rude.
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    I have my own thoughts on this post......how about NY=Fail. Sorry pal but I am sick of the I know better because I am from NY.
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    It's only paint guys:grin5:.... the builder likes green.... I wasn't concerned about the color of the bike just the method of motorizing it.

    I passed up on one of those engines last week at about $40 shipped to me since it wasn't a direction I wanted to go,but I can appreciate his project and liked his method of parts utilization.

    I like the little 4 stroke engine w/kickstart,it just seemed to fit his project really well and it looks different than most other projects. Those little B&S engines are about the right size for a bike, anything much larger begins to look cumbersome.

    The kickstart feature adds some nostalgic feel to the bike (IMHO) while the gearbox gives it a real motorbike quality.

    The owner built it the way he wanted it and since it's his isn't that exactly what we would all do ? No sense in getting upset over a little color.

    I wouldn't pick JD green,but then I do own a JD tractor which happens to be that color:devilish:
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    good lookin bike
  10. Well im sorry i hurt your feelings but iv seen wayyyyy too many progects with that theme and its just not cool anymore. JDs are over rated as it is why give them more credit for something they had nothing to do with. Reguarding the engine, i have a 1950 just like that and while they are fun to look at i havnt been able to use mine on anything because its so gutless. The peerless tranny is a good idea. Iv built a few machines with those heres one im working on now ironicly with the jd theme . maby im just sick of looking at my own lol
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    when i clicked the first link i was like heaaaar we go again.

    when i clicked the second link i was like wow,not what i expected!good job.