Bumble Bee Bolt-on mods?

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    Hello all! I've been working on this evil BMX for a while now. I love the Bumble Bee motor on it. I want to know if any other Bumble Bee owners know of where I'd be able to get my hands on either a more powerful engine that will fit the mount, or where I can get some parts to mod the engine myself? I top out at 43km/h, which ain't bad, but I want something that can compete with the 50km+ electric front end I'll be installing in the spring. My goal here is to make a dual drive gas/electric that will destroy any bike on the street...lol. I've also heard of Bumble Bee engines that have drive rollers made of a material similar to a grinding wheel. I've gone close to mad looking for one with the same diameter and arbor as the stock roller. o_O

    If anyone can point me in the right direction, that'd be great!


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    Nevermind the BB, I want that head!!All kidding aside, maybe try a company called "Dimension Edge" they have a bunch of different rollers (urethane, aggregate/stone) though I don't know if they can be a modded fit to your rig.The BMX actually makes the BB look cool, and the other way around.
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    I checked out Dimension Edge before, but I'd need some kind of bushing to mate the roller to the shaft. The problem is, it would probably slip from the torque. I was considering visiting a machine shop to have a roller made from steel with splines or a heavy knurl, but with a $60 minimum shop order, I'll pass =P I'll just put my drill in the vice...poof! Instant lathe!
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    1/2" bearings. self centering flange mount, approx $6 each on fleabay.
    1/2" hi tensile bolt, with enough shank to clear the tyre completely. the finer the thread at the end, the better.
    1/2" star washers. (the toothed ones, with teeth on outside! approx 3/4" OD.)

    coupla big washers to make drive dogs, so motor can drive shaft, without there being a solid connection to the crankshaft (a universal joint)

    then you need to rebuild the mount so, theres a bearing on each side of tyre. washers go between bearings and get clamped up tight.

    done properly, you only have to undo engine screws, and the motor drops off. shaft and motor separate.

    sounds sorta complex, but really, it is easy. one day ill get some money and buy more bearings, make a pictorial... you dont need a lathe or anything fancier than a drill and a few spot welds.

    do you require a quick sketch?

    the washers are CHEAP, and last for almost ever. they wear out a bit, swap the outer ones to the centre, turn em round, after five years, buy some more...

    my first husky 25 was pulling 60km.... get the roller the right size, let the engine rev out, and they fly :)
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    oooooh, nice head unit! now i know what GG was on about!


    this isnt actually the one i own, i just dont have any working cameras anyore, so i found a pic instead :)


    these were the amps to own circa 1970 if you were a muso in sydney :) i gig with mine, and get nice offers to take it off my hands. i decline politely :) one day ill get the orig speakers reconed. and replace the octal sockets with ceramics, already done the noval sockets. really, it needs a complete overhaul. caps and all... it is ten years older than me, after all.

    have a look at the amps he makes these days! (john lenard burnett) one custom job has the worlds only 27 inch speakers :jester:

    this one, just twin el34, genuine 70 watts at 4R. makes the solid state 300W bass amp i have seem tiny! go the tube! just dont touch the HT taps. 800v!

    he made ones with up to 6 el34's!

    even bought an old kawasaki gpz from his...colleague? rod elliot of ESP. back when i had no idea on how to re install an OP tranny.

    actually strange just how many people i met that know him. one guy owns an antique store around here...he was the one that stuck the letters on all the cabs and heads :jester:
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    Have you thought about keeping the stock engine and adding an exhaust expansion chamber? There should be some goped exhausts that will fit it.