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Discussion in 'Dealer Reviews' started by Anton, Dec 1, 2012.


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  1. Anton

    Anton Administrator Staff Member

    Bumblebee Bolton Bicycle Engines Reviews:

    Other Names: Bumblebee Bolt-on
    Products: Friction drive engine kits

  2. BchCruizer

    BchCruizer New Member

    I bought my bumblebeebolton kit 2years ago. It arrived in 3days. I have put thousand of miles on it and have not had any break downs. It has proven to be a very reliable kit. Its a 26cc 2stroke engine it goes 27-30mph! I would guess it gets between 175-200miles per gallon. I ride mine 30miles to work every day and its a blast! I recently bought one of there new urethane drive wheels and it works great! I ride damp roads with it and it does not slip at all. It works through grass and dirt roads excellently no slipping. If your looking for reliable transportation I highly recommend this kit!
  3. Richard H.

    Richard H. Member

    I tried one of these kits to see what they were like and to be sure I could offer an unbiased and impartial first hand opinion of them and to compare against several other friction drive units I have owned. All I can say is don't bother. They aren't that expensive but that also means they are cheap as in cheaply made. With a made in china 26cc 2 stroke engine that is louder than it needs to be, the thing is completely underpowered. The idea of using a bungee cord to hold down the drive assembly on the tire is ridiculous and IMO an accident waiting to happen.

    Bottom line: stay away from these! There are much better quality friction drive kits available for a few dollars more and you'll get a choice of engine sizes to pick that come with 3 year warranties.
  4. Samdallas214

    Samdallas214 Member

    Your better off pedaling your bike

    This is just my opinion but stay away from Bumble Bee there kits are trash.
    They do way to much spamming and lying to sell there kits.
    The best example is the 1 positive post by BchCruizer.
    I thank BchCruizer is bumblebee themselves or a salesmen, or something like that.
    To have to set up a fake facebook account a fake name and fake form account all just to post a positive review about bumblebee's kits says it all.
    They tries way to hard to sell there junk stay away stay away stay away from bumblebee

  5. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    To set up multiple fake name on all of the motorized bicycling forums and talk to yourself about how great the kits are and at the same time bumping up the posts is shamefully deceitful at best and downright fraud if you call things as they are.

    It doesn't help their case when one the Bumblebee spammers (on another forum) admits to being a fraud and engages in fraudulent practice to sell the Bumblebee Bolt-on kits, then when the powers that be at Bumblebee find out about his honesty, he quickly tries to make his thread and post non nondescript, but fortunately i had a copy of the post alert in my email inbox:

    here it is:
  6. Samdallas214

    Samdallas214 Member

  7. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    How low must that spammer be, and for that kind of recognition in life; to be listed as a toxic.
  8. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    and his other forum spammer names:


    which all come up on the Stop Forum Spam website.

    I am sure he has many more names on here and is just sitting back till the heat dies down, then he will start spamming Bumblebee bolt-on again, but it shouldn't be too hard to see who he is and nail his pathetic a.r.s.e to the wall.
  9. Samdallas214

    Samdallas214 Member