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    Why do I not see any 4 stroke motors that are bump started like a 2 stroke motors? I would like to change from a 2 stroke to a 4 stroke motor to reduce the noise level and pollution but I want to bump start it, not pull rope start.
    Are there any set-ups like this?
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  2. Wheres my dog

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    Why would you not want to pull start it?????????
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    All of the 4 stroke kits I see now are using a centrifugal clutch. Most centrifugal clutches do not lockup in one direction to allow bump starting. They just freewheel in both directions when the engine is not running. I know there are some centrifugal clutches that have one way bearings but not many. Whizzer comes to mind. If someone knows of one that will work for you I hope they chime in. The original EZM Silent Drive had a manual clutch but they are no longer in production. I can't think of any other 4 stroke kits that have manual clutches. I'm not sure why you don't want a pull start but you must have your reasons. Personally I wouldn't have it any other way. I will admit that a pull start doesn't look as cool but I'm an old guy now so looking cool doesn't matter to me. Functionality is way more important to me now.
    Good luck on your search.

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    yep, almost all 4 strokes have a centrifugal clutch and a pull start.
    there would be no need to bump start one, and it probably wouldn't work very well anyway with the centrifugal clutch.