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  1. f3if3i

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    Been enjoying my motored bike a lot but it suck when I have to ride on road with crack and lot of holes. I would lose control and get really shaky if i went at 20+mph on these road. forcing me to peddle.

    Im thinking about buying a full suspension, never ridden one nor know how it feel.

    I heard you lose some energy transfer? Does anyone have a full suspension... can you tell me how it feel riding over bump?

  2. ibdennyak

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    Smoother......to a point. It definitely helps on *normal* roughness, but I have been tossed off the bike when hitting potholes like 6 inches deep, or asphalt approaches crossing the shoulders. Guess you will have to define rough.
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    Very difficult to mount, also when you accelerate it can lift or pull the frame which can result in loss of control. HAd one once but took it off and put it on a bike without suspension. My bike is incredibly comfortable because i have a suspension seat on it which has springs at the back which helps with dead ***. I guess youll have to wait for snow and practice at high speeds like i do . :)
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    Even on a motorcycle a hard road with bad pot holes is going to cause you to either slow down or loose control. I just use the basic speed law.
  5. kerf

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    I'll never ride anything but a full suspension, the difference is night and day. My wife resisted coming into the light but now she is also a believer. If you want to ride through pot holes, on anything, may Heaven be with you.
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    I use to ride a dyno roadster, strech hardtail with front springer. it was very comfy on the road. big fat tire and a couple inches of suspension on the front combined with it's length, made it fairly stable at speed. way smoother than my old mountain bikes front suspension. 4 mile comute to work was quite nice on it.

    now I ride a gt lts full suspension. my trip to work now consists of 3.5 miles of fourwheeler path that runs along some train tracks, straight to my work. most of it is dirt/mud where the wheel ruts are, with a mound of railroad rock between them. I have no problems moving from one side to the other, over the mound of baseball sized rocks. about a .5 mile of the road is all rock, I slow for that cus I worry about a blow out.

    potholes on the road, will be a problem for anything

    edit: energy loss, I duno went from single speed(on the roadster) to a shift kit(lts). the lts goes 2x as fast as the roadster did with the same engine.

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