Bureaucracy, Oil and Economics

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by kerf, Jun 27, 2010.

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  1. kerf

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    Hello friends,

    Kerf hasn't been posting much lately but I've been lurking in the shadows reading and watching. Spent a couple of weeks at the lake and enjoyed MB riding, boating and of course, the evening adult beverages. Back in the early nineties, while I was still uninvolved, that would have been the end of the story but now, we have other fish to fry.

    I have family on the gulf coast and they are giving me an ear full about the response to the oil spill. I watch much of the coverage and I hear and see the frustration of the mayors of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach as well as the loosing battle Bobby Jindal is waging. The comparisons to Katrina are striking. One could say the president acted too late and while that's true, I believe there is a larger problem, BUREAUCRACY. They just don't work. When a bureaucracy is as large as the Federal Government, they become detached, are prone to gridlock and are riddled with incompetence. All of which begs the question, why is the president so intent to create an ever larger, more expensive and more powerful bureaucracy. I think it's the power thing.

    In addition to creating a totally inept response to the Gulf Oil Disaster, the size or our Federal Government, it's over regulation, excessive spending and pending tax increases are killing the economy's ability to pull out of the recession. The news about GM looked promising until you remember they paid the bailout loans back with other TARP money and they're still in hock to the UAW's health and retirement fund for billions. Makes me wonder if the profit they announced amounts to just smoke.

    The Government downgraded the 1st quarter GDP estimate to 2.7%, from the earlier projection of 3%. At that, many economists are linking what little economic growth we've had to tax issues. The President and Congress have seen fit to allow the Bush tax cuts to expire at years end. Economist Art Laffer and others contend that companies are pushing profits into 2010 to avoid the higher tax rate 2011 will bring. They contend that this will result in a "double dip recession" and an economic collapse in 2011. V.P. Biden has admitted that there's no relief for the unemployed in the near future, saying "the lost jobs will not return".

    The President is currently at the G20 summit, where the European Socialist leaders have announced draconian spending cuts in their respective countries and have urged Obama to do the same here. He has said no and continues with his plan to grow government at never before seen rates and demanding more stimulus spending. Never mind it didn't work before. I never thought I'd live to see European Socialist more conservative than the POTUS!!!
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  2. GearNut

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    Stupid is as stupid does.
    The shoe seems to fit like a glass slipper.
    While I do not watch economics that closely, I am by no means an expert, every time I do peer into it is seems that the gov'ment has taken another wrong turn.
    More bureaucratic bloating, printing then spending their own monopoly money, taxing the population to justify the monopoly money.
  3. moondog

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    Quote from Mr. Ricks today.

    MR. RICKS: I don't think it does. I think we have landed in the middle of the Middle East, for better or worse, in a way that none of us expected us to. I think the war in Afghanistan was made much worse by the distracting war in Iraq, which never should have happened. But we are dealing with phenomena in the Middle East that's going to be crucial to this country as long as we're dependent on Middle East oil. So the best exit strategy I can think of is emphasize alternative fuels.


  4. kerf

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    Congratulation, you're one of the 475 people that still watch MS-NBC, news on life support I call it.
  5. moondog

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    I watch them all !

    You hear it slip out more all over the place.

    Our govt is in the middle east to keep the oil flowing and not just oil to the USA but to other countries that do not have troops dying.

    The young people dying in the wars to keep the oil flowing is awful waste !

    Why are people not driving bicycles to anti oil war protests ?

    We got the tea party people driving big RV's to the protests about healthcare ?

    Why does the tea party fear USA govt control in the US but does not protest the USA govt controlling other peoples ?

    Why would they be too corrupt to run healthcare but not too corrupt to run oil wars ?
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  10. kerf

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    The issue of the middle east wars will be handled by the historians, it's up to us to handle the issues of US internal politics. This country was founded on the principle of individual rights, and as a free market economy. Capitalism is the only system that will support individual rights, they go hand in hand.

    We are being forced into a system of economic collectivism and collective rights, liberty and our Constitution is being threatened by MarxoFascism. Some people view Marxism and Fascism as incompatible but Obama has been using elements of both since he was sworn in. The only way to stop him is to shift the balance of power in the congress.

    Yes, I gladly drive my SUV to the tea party rallies and will continue to do so until we end this rush to become Socialist.
  11. moondog

    moondog Member

    The US govt borrowed money from China to help you pay for that gas !

    Burn baby burn it in your SUV if you don't have a problem taking govt handouts !

    Just don't complain about others getting their handouts !
  12. kerf

    kerf Guest

    I paid for that gas, thank you very much. Obama has borrowed from China to push his agenda of bloated government and union protectionism. The oil companies are still pretty much free market entities but don't worry the MarxoFascist Obama will use the disaster in the gulf to fix that.

    Remember, "never let a good crisis go to waste".
  13. moondog

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    They are running both wars on money borrowed from China and others.

    The wars are to keep the middle east oil flowing.

    The more oil we burn the more we are putting our country in debt.

    I don't think it is our govt's job to support the oil industry like this.

    I kinda agree with Ron Paul on this.

    Why does the tea party not take up on this ?

    They like Ron Paul ? Right ?
  14. seanhan

    seanhan Member

    The U.S.S.R collapsed now it's a gangster nation ... The same fate awaits the US and it's allready a gangster nation !!!! It's really starting to get interesting !!! Or is it just me ??? One day there will be a happy-time factory in the USA and GM in China !!!!
    it's gonna be like a pole shift ... Sudden without warning for most...
  15. kerf

    kerf Guest

    I don't want to hear any crying from the left about the wars. That big eared communist you elected said he was gonna put a stop to both wars. Almost a year and a half in and he's still committing more troops. Last week he did the ol back pedal on the Afghan withdrawal date, didn't he.
  16. moondog

    moondog Member

    I spent many hours on the phone for McCain Palin.

    Invited people to bbq's with a war hero.
  17. moondog

    moondog Member

    I would suggest I am more Ron Paul like in thinking than you !
  18. seanhan

    seanhan Member

    Now that HOMO mCcain is bad mouthing the AZ governer..
    She got more balls then he ever will....
  19. moondog

    moondog Member

    I don't agree with McCain on some things but I thought he was the best choice and I ALWAYS vote for the war vet, always.
  20. kerf

    kerf Guest


    I voted for McCain, was gonna sit out till Palin was picked. I was aware of her before she was tapped, love that lady. I agree with Paul on many issues, not on others. I can respect your issues about the wars but I notice you never mention 911, lots changed that day and it's just a matter of time before it happens again. Better to kill them there then they kill us here.

    Yeah, oil is part of the equation but not all of it. By the way, we got more oil than we need, just ask Jindal.