Burnout method?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by S.PadreSurfer, Apr 15, 2009.

  1. S.PadreSurfer

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    I see lots of youtube videos of blokes doing burnouts on their mb's but when mine is in gear it wont just idle while im sitting still... it will when its disengaged though...

    so i was wondering if somethings wrong with mine, or if theres some type of method to doing a burnout.


  2. MotorBicycleRacing

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    If you do more than a few burnouts, there will be something wrong with yours :devilish:

    Learn to drive a stick shift.....
  3. S.PadreSurfer

    S.PadreSurfer Member

    wow, thanks man. very helpful
  4. Gen3Benz

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    Dont know about mb burnouts.....
    But on my sportbike I would just put my feet on the ground...hold front brake....release clutch while giving it throttle....nice shower of white smoke:evilgrin:

    Just practice releasing the clutch....holding front brake....and giving throttle....while not sitting on the bike and have your rear tire in water to start out.
    Once you have perfected the wet burnout you can move on to a dry one.
    Just be careful when not seated on the bike....you dont want too much grip or you could rocket forward.
    practice...practice...practice...you will be doing burnouts in no time.

    One thing to remember....if you break something....it can always be fixed:grin5::grin5:
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  5. srdavo

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    Tire companies everywhere, will thank you.

  6. jared3377

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    I've never understood the whole burnout thing... To me, it's wasteful and a little too showy, but I guess I'm more of a function (less of an aesthetics) guy...

    BUT, that's just me and my two pennies!
  7. ZnsaneRyder

    ZnsaneRyder Member

    It's a show of power, and it's fun, hehe.

    I can do burnouts on dirt, but not asphalt, but I also have a trailer. It will spin the tire on asphalt easily while you are already moving over 20mph though, so I give it less gas to save my tire.

    On dirt, It's a lot of fun doing 20ft spinouts and leaving a "rooster tail" shooting from the tire, it reminds me of a dirtbike, lol.

    Have you tried bleach for a burnout? It makes things slick and smoky!
  8. S.PadreSurfer

    S.PadreSurfer Member


    thanks everyone, ill try it. there's a little canal behind my house and theres plenty of loose dirt on the side of it (not in it, lol). :grin5:
  9. ZnsaneRyder

    ZnsaneRyder Member

    Your signature is awesome!
  10. AussieJester

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    did first burnout on my trike on the weekend (unintentionally) had just changed the drive sprocket (for MUCH smaller one) went for a test up the driveway took off leaving a 4 foot black mark on the bitumen :-S i realized after this the tires cost me ~80 bucks to land in OZ from U.S.A so wasn't the smartest move... Unless your at the drags burnouts are a waste of money totally pointless exercises and you look like a try hard doing them in front of people ESPECIALLY on something like a 49cc push bike BUT yur 15 years old you aint going to listen to anyone anywayz hahaaa have fun and don't hurts yourself matey :)
  11. S.PadreSurfer

    S.PadreSurfer Member

    AND true! :D