Anyone know where I can get a bushing to replace on my wrist pin? 80cc I think or 70cc I think they are the same though.
I have a Kingsmotorbike.

I ordered $20.00 + ,for the free shipping, dollars of parts from thatsDAX which included 2 bushings. I really don't know if they will fit LOL
Did you just say two, let me know when you get them maybe might buy one from ya.
bushing replacement

I was going to take my head off and replace my bushing. Any pointers are apreciated. take bolts off slide head off. take little retainer clip off of bushing, replace bushing, put clip back in line rings up with nipple, make sure piston pointing in same direction rplace gaskets torque to about 10 lbs criss cross right?
I think you are supposed to drill a hole in the bushing, and in the connecting rod thing to get max performance. Someone around here has drilled on theirs, anyone help here?