Busted in B.C. (Stealthy Tips and Tricks)

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  1. Hello everyone thanks for checking this out.
    If you've ever been busted or had close calls with your m-bike let me know, should make for some interesting stories.
    Also success stories about registered builds are welcome too.
    I mainly started this thread to see how, or if there are builders out there who have pulled off some deceptive ways of keeping their outlawed bikes on the road, and out of the pound. Some of you might think its stupid to try and pull the wool over the eyes of the law and thats ok, but please dont judge, the electric motor laws made it difficult for responsible people to build and ride these bikes here in B.C.. I havent started my project yet, but it is soon coming. I have come up with a few ideas to make this work, and work well and im looking for support for and advice from others who find themselves in the same boat.
    If it walks and talks like a duck, it must be a legal bike.
    I will share my thoughts and ideas, but only if this thread generates some interest.
    Thanks in advance for your input.

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    Where abouts in B.C. are you?? Different areas throughout the province seem to show different leniencies and tolerances concerning these bikes.
    Depending weather You're in the lower mainland, the interior , or northern interior should be taken into consideration at the beginning of your build . find some local riders, find out what experiences they've had. and go from there
    It would help if I knew where you were.
  3. Near Kelowna, Vernon. I had no idea there were leniencies, But I know there are restrictions. I would be thrilled if there was a way I could do this legally without registration, but I thought there wasnt. Your knowledge of this matter would be greatly appreciated.
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    my sisters in nelson on an electric bike!
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    Are the laws different their for electric vs gas power?
    Seems strange that USA has banned the import of the happy times but has allowable laws in their favor, where as Canada allows them to be shipped and sold their but not ridden.
  6. The laws or very different between the two. Electric bikes are considered MACs, Motor assisted cycles. Many restrictions including 500 watt max, 32Kmp max speed, power cut off with brakes, etc, These of course are very easy to modify without any visual changes and you can get away with alot if your discreet, but these bikes and or kits are very expensive to play with.
    Dont get caught doing over 32KMP. Gas bikes are considered mopeds and I dont know of any laws or restrictions that would put them in any catigory that would allow for them to be used without proper registration and licensing.
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    Busted in B.C.

    I am also interested in what comes of this thread. I am also in BC (lower Mainland) and would like to know what has happened with others here. I don't want to get a bike and get alot of hassle or fines from the police.
  8. 'Will keep you posted...
  9. need stealth ? make a powered trailer

    It's very easy to disguise an electric powered trailer. Almost as easy with a gas powered trailer. Who would suspect the trailer is actually pushing the biycle? Search the forum for "pusher" or "powered trailer". There are vids & pix too. Here's an electric made in Canada for US $1200 ! http://www.geocities.com/vancyclist/PT50.html
  10. I was thinking the same thing. Cover it up and it just looks like a trailer,although you'll need to find a way to make the rear sprocket freewheel or pedaling will be hard with your centrifical clutch spinning and wanting to grab when your engine's off.
    But then again,just how much money are you looking at to make it legal? Is it a one time lifetime registration or do you have to register it every year? Do you need brake and turn signals?
    It's so unfair that some laws pick on these bikes. Don't they know that most can't keep up with traffic unless your screaming your engine and you'll be riding along with other bicyclists cause your going the same speed they are?
    I don't get stopped for I'm over 40 and fat. But then again,I'm not in Canada.
    I hope you find a way to have them leave you alone.
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    :evil: breakin the law! breakin the law! :evil:

    At least when the snow melts I will be!
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    I cannot speak for the okanogan although I did as a child reside and go to school in Kelowna, Rutland, Peachland, And winfield.

    But the lowermainland, (Surrey,NewWest, Delta, Burnaby, Tricities, I've been riding Daily in these communities using a motorized bike as my sole transportation and although I have been pulled over and questioned a few times, I'm still riding, have never had a charge , Impoundment or other negative outcome resulting from my 2 stroke motorized bikes

    I can say with an almost certain surety that if I hadnt been riding like a mature adult , following the rules of the road, using caution and common courtesy and using lights , helmet, mirrors and exhibiting extreme caution and an awareness of my surroundings, and had I not been straight forward, honest , respectful, and polite to the officers involved, I probably wouldn't be posting this as I would no longer be riding.

    This just might be the most important post you read concerning ridability in Greater Vancouver. Please take it to heart.If they get ignorance, and attitude from a couple riders, that might be all it takes for them to start enforcing the written law which is WE DO NOT RIDE THESE BIKES!!!

    BE NICE BE HONEST (do not insult thier intellegence or try to tell them what the law is) ABOVE ALL, BE SAFE

    Good Luck

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    Heres how they really see it:

    Ministry of Transport

    Short Title
    1. These Regulations may be cited as the Motor Vehicle Safety
    2. (1) In these Regulations,
    "power-assisted bicycle"
    < bicyclette assistée >
    "power-assisted bicycle" means a vehicle that:
    (a) has steering handlebars and is equipped with pedals,
    (b) is designed to travel on not more than three wheels in contact with the
    (c) is capable of being propelled by muscular power,
    (d) has an electric motor only, which has the following characteristics,
    (i) it has a continuous power output rating, measured at the shaft of the
    motor, of 500 W or less,
    (ii) if it is engaged by the use of muscular power, power assistance
    immediately ceases when the muscular power ceases,
    (iii) if it is engaged by the use of an accelerator controller, power
    assistance immediately ceases when the brakes are applied, and
    (iv) it is incapable of providing further assistance when the bicycle attains
    a speed of 32 km/h on level ground,
    (e) bears a label that is permanently affixed by the manufacturer and
    appears in a conspicuous location stating, in both official languages, that
    the vehicle is a power-assisted bicycle as defined in this subsection, and
    (f) has one of the following safety features,
    (i) an enabling mechanism to turn the electric motor on and off that is
    separate from the accelerator controller
    and fitted in such a manner that it is operable by the driver, or
    (ii) a mechanism that prevents the motor from being engaged before the
    bicycle attains a speed of 3 km/h.

    ICBC Brochure

    Today, more than ever, people are choosing recreation activities that
    include the use of motorized scooters,motorized skateboards and, more
    recently, the SegwayTM Human Transporter. As well, people are opting to
    use motor assisted cycles, limited speed motorcycles and motorized
    wheelchairs to increase personal freedom and mobility and
    as an alternative to the car. However, it's important to understand and
    follow the rules and regulations that govern these motorized devices, since
    some of them are legal for on-road use and some are not.

    Motorized vehicles, such as motorized push style scooters, motorized
    skateboards and the newly introduced

    SegwayTM are defined as motor vehicles under the BC Motor Vehicle Act
    but they cannot be used on public roads


    1.they do not meet provincial equipment safety standards for motor
    vehicles, including lighting, braking and seating requirements;
    2.they do not meet BC's limited speed motorcycle and motor assisted
    cycle specifications; and
    3.they do not meet federal standards for motor vehicles for use on public
    Operating a motorized scooter, motorized skateboard or SegwayTM on
    BC roads could result in being ticketed by the police for driving an
    unlicensed and uninsured motor vehicle.

    These types of vehicles (motorized scooters, motorized skateboards or
    the SegwayTM) are not to be confused with motor assisted cycles,
    limited speed motorcycles or motorized wheelchairs used for medical
    related ambulatory assistance. Motor assisted cycles and limited speed
    motorcycles are permitted on the road, while motorized wheelchairs may
    operate on the sidewalk or road following the same rules as a pedestrian.

    Limited Speed Motorcycle

    Must be registered and licensed for use on roads. Must have a driver's
    licence (any class).

    A limited-speed motorcycle is defined as:

    - No more than 50 cc engine displacement or 1.5 kw motor rating.
    - Does not require clutching or shifting after the drive system is engaged.
    - Has a maximum speed on level ground of 70 km/h.
    - Weighs no more than 95 kg excluding fuel and batteries.
    - Wheels must be 25.4 cm in diameter or more.
    PI308 (072003) page 1 of 3

    Motor Assisted Cycle*

    A motor assisted cycle is a 2- or 3-wheeled cycle with a seat, pedals and
    an electric motor. Does not require registration, vehicle licence, driver's
    licence or vehicle insurance.
    - Operator must be 16 years of age or older.
    - Operator is required by law to wear a bicycle helmet.
    - May be operated on the road like any bicycle, except where municipal
    bylaws restrict operation.
    - The motor must be electric, rated at 500 watts or less, and be incapable
    of propelling the cycle at a speed greater than 32 km/hr on level ground,
    without pedaling.
    * Further details can be found in the Motor Assisted Cycle Regulation, BC
    Reg. 151/2002.

    SegwayTM Human Transporter

    - BC's Motor Vehicle Act defines this type of device as a motor vehicle,
    but the SegwayTM does not meet provincial equipment safety standards
    for on-road use.
    - It is not included as a vehicle intended for on-road use under the Motor
    Vehicle Safety Act (Canada) and instead it is considered a device for
    pedestrian environments.
    - It may not be operated on a sidewalk adjacent to a roadway.
    - It may only be operated where BC's Motor Vehicle Act doesn't apply,
    such as private property that does not have public vehicle access or on a
    trail or pathway if allowed by a municipal bylaw.

    Motorized Scooter or Motorized Skateboard

    Cannot be operated on roads in BC.

    Cannot be operated on roads in BC.
    - BC's Motor Vehicle Act defines these devices as motor vehicles, but
    they do not meet provincial equipment safety standards for on-road use.
    - May only be operated where BC's Motor
    Vehicle Act doesn't apply, such as private property that does not have
    public vehicle access or on a trail or pathway if allowed by
    a municipal bylaw.
    - It may not be operated on a sidewalk adjacent to a roadway.
    -The Motor Vehicle Safety Act (Canada) recognizes some motorized
    scooters or motorized skateboards as restricted motor vehicles and these
    are only imported for
    use in off-road environments.

    You'll notice that nowhere is there an accurate discription of what we ride anywheres in this document which is the letter of the law which is perhaps why we recieve a little tolorance. Please ride right and help keep it that way
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  14. lmao...skyl4rk:lol:
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    Well said.
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    The closest thing, it appears, is the description of the "Limited Speed Motorcycle"
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    It's probably not politically correct to say so, but that was Way Cool.
  20. So, could a responsible attitude and discretion be the ticket to ride?
    Can simple noise reduction techniqes, and enhanced visual astetics better the odds of being left alone? This is a sensitive issue, seeing that if there were no restrictions here in B.C., idiots would get killed for being dumb**s's. One idiot could, and probably has already ruined it for everyone. But I simply cannot help myself from going ahead with my build, mabey Ill ride it around for a bit, and then sell it to make enough money to buy an electric kit (very pricey and limited range), but what can ya do, law is law. I will try and see how it plays out.
    Ive finaly ordered my engine, got it from Boy Go Fast, 80cc. 180$ on ebay with shipping, His positive feedback was off the scale so I cant wait to recieve it and start building.
    Now I must find a frame.