Buyer Beware Aussie ebay MotaWissa 2 stroke kits 50 & 80 for $125 poor quality.

Discussion in 'Dealer Reviews' started by Spanner, Jun 30, 2012.

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    Hi All, Had just bought a motor kit from a supplier on ebay located in Melbourne kits are bieng sold for $125 dollars. these kits are cheap, but buyer beware as they are full of faults and are of poor quality,May even be seconds. Below is a note I sent to them,

    Hi All, I realise that your engine kits are cheap, but why is the quality so poor, if your unaware you may want to take it up with your supplier. I have fitted heaps of kits to bikes, Faults found in your 80 kit are, Crack in motor chain sprocket,thats the small one on the engine that takes the chain,cracked from keyway to outer edge,engine cases centre gasket, sticking out, misaligement. Muffler centre tube suppost to go through inner baffles inside muffler,baffles all bent over not supporting tube, not good. all faults due to lack of care and No quality checking. you may know all this and dont really give a ****. But I do.

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    You get what you pay for.

    In Melbourne a reasonable bicycle engine kit should cost around $250
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    i have bought 9 kits off motawiza qnd only had 1 with a problem witch they exchanged straight away.
    i have also bought other kits from other sellers and seen the same quality .unless you buy from rock solid or someone who rebuilds them
    before they sell each kit(much more $) they are pretty much all built the same .
    even the grubee's have heaps of problems and they are over double the motawizzas price .
    i don't agree a reasonable bike engine should be $250 .its pot luck with any engine straight from the container
    they range in price from $49(yes $49full kit 48cc) to about $270(except grubee,rock solid ect)
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    all china 2 strokes are cheaply made and low quality, no matter who you buy them from.
    when you buy a china 2 stroke, you're buying it from a drop shipper, not the manufacturer.
    the vendors do not assemble the engines, they get them direct from china, and pass them directly on to the consumer for a profit.
    the vendor has nothing to do with the quality...they're just the middle man in it to make a profit.
    most vendors don't offer a warranty or customer service, so once you buy it, it's yours.
    but there are some vendors who do offer a waranty and good customer service, but those are the vendors who sell these kits for $200.00 or more.
    when you pay more from a "name brand" vendor, you're paying for a warranty and customer service which may be helpful or may not be helpful.
    once you buy from an e-bay vendor, it's like buying at a rummage bought it, you're stuck with it.

    I bought my first engine kit off e-bay 4 years ago, and the total cost was $115.00 shipped to my door.
    I bought a second kit off e-bay from the same vendor about a year later and it was $125.00 shipped to my door (i used boygofast).
    after that I bought 2 more kits from the same e-bay vendor, and all of them were fine, and are still running strong today.
    it's the luck of the draw when you buy a china 2 stroke kit, no matter who you buy it from.
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    in australia we don't have many or any engines sold by dropshipers they are mostly all shops that get them by the container .
    we also have several shops that pull the engines down and rebuild them before they are sold
    rock solid is the most well known but there are others because of the low quality .
    but there is also several manifacturers in china that make these engines and the quality between them is form
    "complete garbage" to "passible " so it also depends witch factory there from
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    i forgot to add in australia (where motoziza comes from)nearly all the shops offer warranty usually 30 days but have had up to 6 months
    even the sellers from ebay(in aus) offer warranty
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