Buyer beware



July 5, 2016 we purchased two products from this company for $299. What's the understanding we would within 5 business days.
We emailed the company to receive one email back comforting us about the purchase order saying it was a pre-order which was not true. We then made many attempts to contact the company by phone to hear their phones were disconnected until July 21st. July 22nd we called the number again hearing the same voicemail received instantly a text message saying they were not able to come to the phone but they could text we had to use a different phone with a different phone number to get their attention. Did my homework to find out a shipping label was printed they provided us number for tracking X FedEx after talking with FedEx it goes to show no items were actually picked up from their company but a shipping label was printed at their landline computer July 19th so they gave us a tracking number to comfort us with false hope that the items were in route when I called them on this they said they had a Private Pilot picking up one of two packages pilot delivery service I am still and yet to receive the tracking number for that so I count this as a fabrication as well I called Pay Pal let them know they were not going to refund my money of $299 insisted the items were sent by mail Fed Ex and Private Pilot so they now have until August 1st to return or Monies for us to receive the items which probably will not happen before PayPal has to step in financially I know I'm going to make a formal complaint to the FCC computer regulations a complaint center, I have requested through FedEx to investigate this company to ensure they are not printing labels without merchandise being sent out to see if they are allowing the shipping labels to sit on their desk and expired 30 days later. I requested that if it is true they have printed out shipping labels and they have expired to investigate fraudulent activity and when I find out the tracking number for a private pilot delivering company I'm going to seek information around that and request the same and investigate them as well if possible and I'm sure PayPal take care of the rest of it and now if I do receive the correct merchandise that we ordered which I hear is rare tonight I will call the company and allow them to know that as well with the dates of purchase pickups 2 and delivery information and called bygones to be bygones I hope that anyone that decides to utilize this company as a resource for any motorcycle bikes or parts really reads the reviews and checked with FedEx and PayPal the history of delivery pickup purchase and return if you look at their contract it clearly states they can do whatever they want to change the contract and in order to purchase anything you have to agree to it or I'm sure you wouldn't get the items I'm sure PayPal is putting the heat on this company Zane Smith is the associate company name that corresponds with me after I told him that I had not received the items and I had filed complaints and did an investigation through FedEx he's really fighting for what he feels is right and I'm fighting for my return of money buyers beware Buyers do your homework check scam posts and scam alerts...
That's cool and all, and I understand what you're trying to say, but I honestly have no idea what company, what product, or anything else that's helpful to help you...

But I do know that a back search on Zane Smith yields info about baseball cards, and motorized bicycles, so i find myself on Californiamotorbikes website, now a search in our forum finds that these people have a very bad wrapper. Yo.

Due to the complaints I see about them I wouldn't have ordered from them in the first place honestly. I say keep working through PayPal, because dozens of others had to as well, which just means they are on paypals radar as being a problem seller, so the chances of getting a result in your favor are good. Good luck.