Buyers Beware! Scam Web Site


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Aug 15, 2008
San Diego, Ca
i just almost got hussled by a guy who claims to sell bike engines and thought i should let everyone know... DONT BUY ANYTHING FROM REVOLUTIONCYCLES.US its a scam!. he wants you to send the money but the product never comes... SCAM... just an fyi
i orded 2 engines and he told me send the money and i'll send the engines... i was like, that sounds fishy already. looked into it further and found him on ebay with all kinds of negative feedback but i was like i'm not gonna be out a few hun$ while you wait to see if its coming so lets use pay pal... he tried to sell me on this idea about USPS collect, when i called back today as a matter a fact he told me that was a joke and he thought i was gonna scam him( which i thought was weird cause i suggested paypal, so we're both garantied) long story short he wants you to send him the money and there is no garrunty you'll get your stuff,(or even your money at that point).. sounds like a scam to me and i felt i should let people know... he even mentioned why he got off ebay and it was because of all the negative feedback...when i called he was an a@%hole on the phone, a poor sole to deal with. not trustworth, honorrible, only out for his money with some pics of motors and some faulse promises. DONT USE REVOLUTIONCYCLES.US pour everything related to bike engines
Ok, first of all.....

We ALL need to know what is the name of his EBAY store so no poor soul here gets squeezed from this guy?
Always search here before you buy. There is a lot of info here if you look.
I purchased an engine from him off his website. I got it within a few weeks. My only complaint is how poorly he packaged it. It arrived with a bent engine mount stud, and a slightly bent cooling fin.