Buyers & Sellers...Who's in Charge at MBc?



well, it seems our un-favorite seller has made his presence known yet again...time to clear the air around here. is a gathering of buyers, builders, & riders of motor-assisted-bicycles (motoredbikes), and we do allow sellers to interact with our members but under a strict set of guidelines.

seems we've gotten the attention of sellers and makers, both on ebay & private websites. that makes sense, because any time enough consumers gather it will have an influence on the market. in the case of the "happy time" industry, that's been a long time overdue. we've seen shady representation of engines and components, extortive shipping practices & charges, and we've been directly attacked here on the forums.

now, MBc has been threatened by the above mentioned seller with hacking of our site. it's also been mentioned that perhaps a leading importer could force us to comply with a seller's wishes to edit our content to meet his needs.

so, i ask you, the MBc member & consumer: who's in charge here, anyway?

and...please, post your feelings on this matter so certain folks finally get the names (yet), they know who they are.