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    Hey there,
    to all you California riders, where can i find a 2 stroke kit that ships to California? Or are all those CARB warnings just up for the sake of legality, with these vendors shipping to CA regardless?

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    The Japanese kits pass inspection, in fact, the Robin Subaru 35 (4 stroke) looks to be the next cleanest thing to electric.

    Likewise, the Tanaka passes, and can be cleaned up even further when you get quite a few miles on it and switch to the more synthetic oils.
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    bbg, I'd be interested to know how I could access that kind of documentation.
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    The all come with these yellow attached certificates, with the cleanest to the left side of the scale.

    AND, they must individually test (or minimally test the "lot"), because the measurement is never identical, to the best of my recollection.

    (I'm approaching 20 of the Robin/Subaru installs now, I check them just for curiosity)

    More precisely, this scan is from back in Aug.08, and one on the carport getting ready for pickup, measured cleaner than any I recall.

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  5. Mountainman

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    the proof is in the pudding

    these Japanese are way ahead of the game regarding smog -- as always
    Subaru has been making quality things for a very long time

    if things get truly tight in states such as Calif -- watch them take over the whole market !!!

    ride that thing
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    Some of the HT two stroke motors have recently achieved carbII compliance by adding a catalytic converter in the muffler.

    Mitsubishi achieved carbII compliance years ago with the TLE series engines via an innovative design which, during the initial exhaust stage, purges the cylinder with air (only,) and then follows with the air-fuel mix, which greatly reduces unburnt hydrocarbon emissions.

    However, 4-stroke engines like the honda & suburu output about 1/4 the emissions of the TLE engines.
  7. bamabikeguy

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    On the R/S 35, I use Mobil 1 synthetic oil ($6.50 a quart).

    On the Tanakas, I break them in, and recommend the customer continues to use the standard two cycle oil for the first 3-5 gallons of gas used. Then they can move to the synthetics like Amsoil, maybe lean it to 60:1, assured the rings are well seated.

    In both cases, I use the mid grade 89 octane.

    So, I'm thinking, by the time they hit 1,000 miles, they are at the optimum for air quality, or at least better than average.
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    Sorry to threadjack your question. I'd guess you're looking for an answer on a Chinese in-frame 2 stroke engine kit, correct? I don't have that answer but I've seen the "not shipped to CA" disclaimers on some vendors as well. It's a good question and we should be able to get an answer on that here from the CA contingent. There must be some vendors in CA, no? I don't know I'm asking. Tell ya what, if we get no definitive replies in this thread we can start a thread in GD on the topic 'cause I'd like to know too.

    Right bbg, I've got the emissions tags you scanned. Your comment got me wondering where/how I could put together a definitive, comparative analysis and state it in a similar way as you did.
  9. bamabikeguy

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    Because some time of fuel is used to light up the grid, one could say that even electric is not absolute zero. My "analysis" is pure-d-o b.s., conjecture, thinking how cars and scooters must be in an "over 2", especially older ones with aged catalytic converters.

    As to California requirements, my point is the Japanese beat the test, therefore using a Japanese system would cause zero problemos, esp. since 90% of the ones used for bikes are in the under 40 cc range.....

    Supply and demand will keep them in the $250++ territory, just for the engines.
  10. Ca Engines

    I have some pre-ban engines here in CA.

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    CA 2 stroke motor suppliers

    I just received a new HT motor from Zone8cycling and so far so good.:sweatdrop:
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    Yup CA sucks
    All their different laws and everything, its almost like a defferent country.
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    I contacted an ebay user which I believe is eBay account. I asked them if they shipped to San Diego and they said yes. If the people who operate the eBay account will ship to San Diego, the site should as well, right?

    Unless theres more than one "San Diego". :sweatdrop: