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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by iRide Customs, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. iRide Customs

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    But I am still trying to decide which kit to buy. Grubee...Dax...??? Can some of you guys that own these kits give me some feedback on your experiences?

    What about Dax's roller bearing engines. Are they avaiable right now?

    Thanks fellers!


  2. npk1977

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  3. iRide Customs

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    I have been looking at them too but I don't need the whole bike. I am building a new one for this engine.

    Has anyone ever bought an engine kit from Spookytooth?? How is the customer service?
  4. locoWelder

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    Stay with Dax Dan,you know what you are getting and you cant beat his prices and yes his motors new motors come with the neadle bearings
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    My first bike had a kings 80 motor (66) and I love it! It is two years old and has well over 1300 miles and counting. It is not as fast as it used to be but still strong enough to haul my 270 lb but to almost 30mph with a 44 tooth sprocket.

    My newest bike has a Dax 70. The kit quality was much higher than my first motor. Fit and finish are like night and day. Untill I installed the 36 tooth sprocket, it was not as fast as my kings. now it is a bit quicker, and so much smoother. This engine only has a little over 200 miles and I am hoping it will develop more speed as it breaks in.

    So in summary: I feel the kings motor is faster, but its kit was not the greatest quality. Ie poor chain tensioner, flimsy clutch lever, poor quality chain. (all replaced)

    The Dax engine kit was great. The only part I have changed was the chain, in favor of a quality 415h bmx chain.

    I know you were looking for a comparison of Dax and grubee, but from what I have been able to surmise the motors Kings sells are grubees.
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    My first bike was from spooky tooth. I got another engine kit from a reputable seller (I won't mention names here, pm me if you're interested) and I have to say, spooky tooth's customer service is 10x better.

    Roland is totally dedicated to getting you going, he responds quickly, and effectively. Only issue, the last I check, he's kind of back-logged.

    If you only need an engine, well, then, probably going somewhere else will be fine, but spooky's total packages are really nice. And if customer service is important to you, i'd go with spooky.
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    as a dax customer, i'm totally happy. as MBc admin, i like his conduct. that's not to take away from any other dealers (except one) as i can only speak of what i know for fact. roland has an excellent rep, as does motorbikemike. there are some differences in customer service that i know of firsthand, as i was emailing everyone before my first buy. all i know about kings is what i see firsthand on bikes in the hood...i've seen 2 entirely different kits with glaring differences in quality, same engine, delivered to 2 guys up here, same price. neither engine was "sized" correctly...

    some dealers misrepresent the size of otherwise good engines, and i don't care for that practice, i won't buy from or recommend any dealer who misrepresents the product. an engine with 45mm bore and 40mm stroke is NOT an "80" !!!

    quit lying to make money :( :(

    quality of the installation kit is also important. that's a tough call, because everyone claims to have "the best" or to include "free" items...and use of generic pics only leads to more confusion.

    yes, the roller bearings are now stock on the dax70.

    good luck in your choice...with some homework, luck won't make much of a difference, tho 8)
  8. azbill

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    I have dealt with both
    Roland sells a quality engine and gives fast service and good advice
    Duane does the same, only he ships on fri only, so is generally slower getting parts to you
    my advice to you would be...
    call each, ask a couple of questions from each, and then decide
    I would suggest moving up to a 70 tho, you will find the extra torque worth it !!!

    PS...I can't wait to see what it's gonna go in !!!
  9. iRide Customs

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    Well, I paid for the new roller bearing Dax 70cc engine last night. Should be here in....a long time.

    Hopefully the bike will be close to done when it arrives.