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    I'm in the process of buying a new motor for my dax friction kit. I found a titan t50 on his site rated at 3 hp. I got a pic of it if you wanna see it. I wonder if anybody has purchased this motor from him and how good it is? I been buying cheap china motors and really cant find a very dependable one so i hope this one fills the bill. And by the way monster scooter parts is not a very good company to deal with bought a new motor ran for a couple weeks and then went to start it would not start at all called them they more less told me deal with it .

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    i got too of those engines from monster scooter parts and so far they are not doing good for me i've broke 3 pull starts trying to get it to start i really dont know what to do with those motors im taking them to a small engine shop and let them work on them the one i'm getting from dax is rated 3hp i'll soon see cause it is suppose to be in in a week lot of problems i have with those motors is breaking clutches and pull ropes. i was thinking of a four stroke but all i found was like 32 or 36 cc four strokes and i dont need to fite with val adjustments im not much of a small engine mechanic either
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    I honestly don't think you're gonna find much difference in quality between the small engines made in China that are copies of the Japanese designs, nor who puts a decal on them despite what claims get made.

    BTW, valve adjustment on a small industrial quality 4 stroke is a pretty easy affair and maybe needed only every 200 hours of engine run time or so.