buzbikebklyn1 ??? Any info?

Discussion in 'Dealer Reviews' started by oneninesixnine, Oct 3, 2011.

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    :D I very recently bought and paid for an order from buzbikebklyn1 (Tom / Thomas Miano / Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, New York / 1461 Shore Parkway; Brooklyn, NY 11214). Now, I'm blocked from being able to send "buzbikebklyn1" private messages and am obviously concerned. Has anyone had any business dealings with "buzbikebklyn1"? What was your experience? Tom: If you are reading this, please forgive any offence. I just simply don't understand why I'm now blocked from being able to send you private messages. As requested, I've trusted you. Please send the order quickly and message me with the carrier, tracking # and so on. Thankyou. -1969 (Ron)

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    hopefully you used paypal. i wont buy anything from anybody any other way. in the past ive had vendors not ship my items and have had my money returned via a paypal dispute. I hope you dont have a problem but it mite be a lesson learned. i hate hearing stuff like this...good luck
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    Still Learning...

    buzbikebklyn1 (Tom): It's been brought to my attention that it is inappropriate to post someone's personal information on forums. Please pardon me. I'm new to this. It won't happen again. PLEASE, PLEASE contact me in regard to my order that I've already paid for. What has me concerned is that you said you'd let me know the shipping info. It's been 4 days and I haven't heard from you even though I sent you the payment overnight mail. Right at the same time the payment was sent and received, I'm unable to send you private messages. The phone number you sent me had a man answer saying he was not "Tom". Please do right by me. I've literally lost almost everything. It was with GREAT SACRIFICE that I came up with the money for that order. Due to the loss of both my work vehicle and personal vehicle, the motorized bicycle is literally my car. Summer or winter; rain or shine. I draw upon your belief in the "Bikers Code Of Ethics", Karma and personal integrity. When it's all said and done, all a man has left is his word. I have trusted yours and anxiously look forward to hearing back from you immediately. Thankyou.
    - oneninesixnine (Ron) / 951-550-7657 / beyer.ronald@ymail.com
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    If you mailed the payment to him, you would have a valid address...

    Would this not be mail fraud that you can easily file a complaint for?
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    Sorry about your problems Ron, but buzbikebklyn1 is just a guy you JUST met on a forum. He may still come through with your stuff, But if not it will be a very hard lesson learned. I've bought stuff from a member of this site and had no problems at all,( Motorphsycho is a good dude.) But, it was for small stuff and if I had lost it, It would not have killed me.
    I'm just being curious, what were you trying to buy from him? If all else fails I'm sure we could suggest a reliable vender that you could afford. MOST HT parts are not really very expensive. I may have the parts you need, but I'm sure your trust in people is not at it's peak right now. And, I am also, just another guy on the forum that you don't know.
    Anyway, give it just a little more time and see what happens. If still he don't come through, get back to us and we'll try to help you to get the parts you need. You may also, if you have ANY trust left in you, get back to me personally. I can either show you the CHEAPEST venders or see if I have what you need in my shop.
    Big Red : owner
    Fatdaddy's MotoPeds
    San Jose, Ca,
    (408) 564-5437
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    Info for big red

    I paid $400.00 + $20.00 postage for a Grubee Skyhawk GT5R Super Rat complete, new engine kit, a new NT Carb and shipping. This has killed me financially. I chose not to pay bills because I need the engine that much for my Univega Alpina 501. If indeed I do wind up getting ripped off, I will get the Black Jet 80/66cc Race Angle Fire engine kit instead in that I heard a lot of people aren't happy with the GT5R. But, I can not come up with the money again. I've lost my job, my career, my DL licence for 4 years, my personal vehicle, my work vehicle my home, my possessions, even the clothes off my back. After finding another job after a year of unemployment, I still can't afford to live. I live in freight container. My only luxury is that bike. I have been peddling the old fashion way as far as 25 miles. I don't know what I'll do now. I took a risk I shouldn't have taken. If indeed this guy doesn't come through, he will have brought shame to the motorized biking community. What a wonderful first impression for a newbie.
  7. Big Red

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    Sorry 1969, I've done a little checking,(only a little) and have'nt heard anything good about the guy. I've heard, I wont say from who, That he was banned on the OTHER site, Changed his name, And started the same stuff all over again. I know this is a hard one, but most of the people on this site really are a great bunch of people. Heck, If I had any good used engines left I'd just give you one. Someone here still might have a decent, new or used, engine they could let you have real cheap. Just do your homework first. Ask around and check out anyone you might do business with. Also, as long as you don't live in California, you can get engine kits a lot cheaper than $420.00. And here their still only around $200.00. add a little for the carb ya want and it still isnt $400.00. I was checking around to get another engine for myself and it looks like MOTORBIKEKITS.com is selling them, even to california, for $179.99 + shipping. Still kinda high I think, but prices have gone up lately. If ya don't live in Ca, and I REALLY hate to recommend this guy, But Boygofast probably still has the cheapest. I've never had a problem with him but some people have. Just go to e-bay and and type in "bicycle engine". You'll get a LOT of engines and parts there. I just did a quick check and Luckyearlybird,(we all think it's Boygofast's wife) is selling a 49cc for $169.99 with FREE shipping.And Boygofast has an 80cc, (Z80 Black) for $145.00 +$34.99 shipping. Thats still a little less than half the price you were trying to get the other one for. and you can always upgrade later. So, sorry bro, Looks like ya gotta start saving your spare change again and order one from someone you can trust. (Trust is a strong word,) perhaps "a little more confidence in" is a better way to put it.
    Good Luck,
    Big Red.
    P.S. I just noticed you DO live in California. Good Luck.
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    With all due respect to you here....

    He has not been online in a while now, he blocked you from PM, he has not answered you in any way.... with haste I say there is very little to no hope left in him!

    Why would you not go after him for mail fraud???????????
  9. richirich1113

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    just to check to see if i could pm him but no go, it looks like he has blocked everybody.
    do the mail fraud thing...
  10. Big Red

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    Mail Fraud?

    I've found out the hard way, that with so many financial crimes being commited, Most law enforcement agencies will not prosecute anything under $5000.00. I mean to say, they will, If you REALLY push it. But then all you have is your money still gone, and now a few angry cops looking for payback for making them deal with, what is to them, petty stuff. I don't know if mail fraud would work. He did not solicit your money through the mail. And internet fraud is a real hard way to go. Whatever you decide to do, Good Luck.
    Big Red.
  11. Big Red

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    Against forum policy to post an address? Perhaps. But in my opinion, and it's only my opinion, Thieves should be exposed as often as possible.
    Big Red.
  12. Wheres my dog

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    Again I say with all due respect...

    At this point, he has ripped you off and will not reply to you

    POST his name and address that you sent the money to... you have nothing to lose!

    CALL HIM OUT for what he did and let him be known by his real name!
  13. FarRider

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    Ok, lets get the facts straight...
    You ordered a kit from a private individual?
    And paid for it with a Money order?
    I'm sorry,I don't wish to add insult to injury but that wasn't the wisest move I've ever heard of.
    PayPal is the only way to pay for these "iffy" purchases.
    I'm sorry you had to learn the hard way.
    Mail Fraud? sure you could try it, file the complaint, but lets face it, the authority's aren't going to go all out to apprehend this one guy for such a limited amount.
    Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.
    This guy sounds like he was setting you up from the get go.

    I had one dealing with him for a Morini engine and i got exactly what i was promised with in a reasonable amount of time.
    I cant say anything bad about the guy, and i think the other members might want to consider there words very carefully before slandering a fellow members good name.
  14. Wheres my dog

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    And HOW exactly does he have a good name if the guy ripped off this guy for $400????

    We didn't slander ANYONE who did not deserve it!!!
  15. oneninesixnine

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    Not over yet

    Where's my dog: Will do. It's in the works as we speak.
    FarRider: How dare you. The very same day (10/4/11) you closed your account or your account was closed as buzbikebklyn1, you opened a new account under the name FarRider which just happens to be your name on the other forum. You are the ONLY one defending your theft. You're right. It was not wise to trust YOU. Look yourself in the mirror and tell me what you see. I would be ashamed...
  16. MotorBicycleRacing

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    buzbikebklyn1 seems to be the same person as FarRider


    09-14-2011, 12:06 PM Post at the Dark forum 2 minutes later

    You had the post quoted below deleted recently......

    but you still have this thread where you were also selling Morini's

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  17. srdavo

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    Nice detective work, guys!! :detective:

    The IP addy's are a MATCH!!

  18. srdavo

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    Attention buzbikebklyn1 / FarRider

    The only reason you are not banned here is;

    We are giving you the opportunity to make right, what you have done wrong.
  19. oneninesixnine

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    10/4/11 is an interesting date. Day of last activity by buzbikebklyn1. Day money order was cashed. Day new account was opened by FarRider. What a coincidence.
  20. Happy Valley

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    Just do the right thing.

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