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    Greetings and slautations fellow buzz bikers.
    My name is Tom M. from Bay Ridge Brooklyn N.Y.
    Ive been building and riding home made motorized bicycles since I was just 13 years old.
    Of course once I had my drivers license my trusty buzz bike got shoved into a corner of the garage to rust quietly...
    I'm 49 now and semi retired and i find myself remembering fondly the bikes I built at a kid.
    I own several full sized motorcycles... from big heavy Harley dressers to light weight 650 cc in line twins, for some reason they all seem a bit much for running about my town on errands or just a regular ride.
    I find my self wishing for a nice sturdy buzz bike. , something inexpensive, and that's easy to work on and good on gas.
    Time for a new buzz bike I think.

    As a base bike I have a '03 Iron Horse Warrior, dark blue anodized,fully reinforced aluminum hard tail 21.5 inch men's mountain bike frame.
    It uses the last of the "dumb" suspension forks, a Rock Shock Psylo, 5 inch travel, fully adjustable for dampening and preload as well as ride height..
    its held in place by a Chris King black anodized head set with replaceable cartridge bearings,I use an "A" type head setup... a short 1.5 inch riser, a 30 degree 5 inch stem and a set of flat track style black ano riser bars.I run a custom leather covered and gel padded downhill style saddle. its a very sturdy piece.

    I have two sets of aluminum wheels set up similarly, both sets use Avid 280 mm disc brakes (yup, the big *** ones) and BB 7 mechanical calipers mounted on 32 spoke Shimano "XT" hubs with stainless steel spokes and thread lock alloy spoke nipples, one set is "deep V" or "A" section rims, the other is a set of sun box section rims with steel eyelets.Both sets use identical rear caste type gear sets.
    I use Kevlar reinforced "flat proof" (yeah right) tires, one set of fat slicks and a set of knobbies.I'm a big guy, 250 lbs + and these wheels have held up very well.

    The rest of the drive train is a mix of shimano XT off road and 105 road bike parts (-aka- whatever i had in the parts bin)... needless to say it rides , stops and other wise handles like a dream while still only weighing only 32 pounds.

    I like the new 80 cc two stroke engine kits but they strike me as a bit cheesy looking...
    Then i saw a modern Whizzer... OK OK i know what your thinking... big, heavy, the bike itself sucks, its made mostly out of steel, too expensive..... not very fast for the money... but that modern drive train in my "light weight" frame would be a terror!

    Its got to be belt driven so i can keep my rear disc brake, and powerful enough to haul my fat backside up the hills of Bay Ridge and around town at a reasonable speed.
    The Whizzer large rear belt drive pulley would be perfect.It would fit outside the diameter of my 280 mm brake disc, and even clear the caliper.
    OK... so how to i get my hands on a new, complete Whizzer 4 stroke drive train?
    I've checked the Whizzer site to no avail, they do not offer kits... just that frigging boat anchor they call a complete bike.
    Any help in procuring a brand new and complete whizzer engine and drive kit would be greatly appreciated.
    I plan on a full postings as the project progresses.

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    Great first post bbb, I reckon it won't be to long till you find what you are looking for, or at least a reasonable facsimile. Frame and wheels are half the equation, and sounds like you've got that whupped.
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    Forgot to recommend: ...we have a strong Whizzer contingent, maybe put your request for info down in that section of the forum. You might even get exactly what you are needing one piece at a time.