Buzzbike 100 mile report

103 miles on the odometer today, coukdn't be more pleased. For the last 30 miles, last few days, I've been exploring ATV dirt trails and really beating this thing up like a real dirt bike.

Getting a little dirty now, I like it.

I had to split and join the pipe, engine tilt put it into the frame. The difference is pleasing, it'll growl up mild hills in higher gears, seems to help low end a lot.

I plan one more gear change, right now low end is 9-17-9-36-32 from motor to wheel. I have a 18 sprocket coming for jackshaft engine side.
If that's not enough I may swap my crank drive from 36 to 30. Honestly almost there now.

I locked out 6 and 7 sprocket on rear, only shifting thru first 5. Still, it gets to 30mph.
Not more, best I saw was 31.5. And I get there in 4&5 now. Good enough. Its slower speeds offroad where I'm now finding is a blast.





No, that's where I stop.
48cc ain't climbing THAT!




These last few I call Post-Apocalyptic 'Fatbiker. Wierd place, 1930's houses old barns sheds a well.
And lots of mud.
Hookworms aren't the best for this I tell ya, Credit due to me, not the tires, as I didn't mud-plant my face in 35 degree weather. That was a workout.

I really worried about an hour in, it was warming up, there was more mud getting out than going in.
But I didn't worry about the bike! It kicked ass.

After I left trails, I opened it up to shake off some mud for a few miles, and woohoo no fresh rattles.
Me, however, am quite sore. I rode the hell outta it.

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11:46 PM
Jan 30, 2019
Nashville TN
Did I once say it was done? Yeah...

Today I fitted an 18T replacing 17T on the engine side. Chain needs a half-link, a full is way too sloppy. Guess SBP knew that.
I still had the SBP 21T that was dangerously close to the tire, and a clamshell motor clamp that was too tall. I could see maybe if I raised engine?

I loosened engine, moved it high as it would go, fit the 21T and had plenty clearance. Then I jury-rigged a front mount using the clamshell. Longer chain fit perfectly.
Redid muffler support, added longer chain on crankset side.

Significant difference! Climbing, acceleration, and especially takeoff. Now with a warm engine I can drop clutch and kick it, and it will pull away from (almost) a standing start.
Still hit 20s on my short test, I think I still have a good cruise speed, and more room to drop it further.

Most important, can it get to the mailbox w/o pedaling? Today it did with a little room to spare. I’ve been stuck here for days when ice blocks my drive and I can’t get my truck out, it’s 1200 ft with a valley in the middle. So that’s a good thing. I hate that driveway hill.

I‘m continuing, swapping the 36 to a 30 on crank tomorrow. Finished reduction numbers engine 21:9, shaft 21:9, transfer 44:9, crank 44:30, cluster 30:32-14 using 6 gears of 7.
Not sure total reduction, hurts muh hed. Seat of pants test says one more reduction will get all the hill I want.

That test tomorrow.
One more sprocket.
Then I’m done.....??