Buzzbike year end shakedown

I finished my break-in of replacement 48cc. It went lots smoother with everything else nailed down. I'm shooting for a lot more than 700 miles on this one.

I reworked everything, found the good, fixed the bad. The jackshaft mount held up good considering it took a lot of hits, bearings good, shaft good, and crankset side good. But, it still had a twist, probably from when I tossed it over a hill. Knee and calf still hurts so yeah beyond operation parameter.

The 21T sprocket only 415 width, wore out, chain wore out. Too thin too much slop.

I redid engine mounts and welded a stiffener plate to jackshaft bracket, welded up a mount spacer for engine, drilled exact fit. No more sloppy wallowed out hole, no shims. I shifted engine a bit higher on bracket, better chainline.

Added 18T 420 sprocket. Mounted it all, took clutch plate off, and carefully shimmed to get alignment exact on new. Feeling it is so much better than eyeballing it one shim can change the drag.

Made new hardware for both chain tensioners, stiffer, better position. Much less bouncing, less drag.

Rear cassette now 14-28T 6-speed.

Much better shifting, seems like more power, even 16:1 mix runs great. I may only take it to 24:1 on next tank. The way I dogged the last one, maybe I'll treat this one better.

I made a video! Audio sucks. At a couple of spots a strap was beating my helmet. Yes I thought head gasket too I even tilted my head.



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Lol Urban! Did old lady in mini-van think she was being pulled over!!!🤣😂🤣 Nice build, love hearing the 2 stroke shifter bikes.
Oh, and speaking of old lady...

I stole the mid-drive off my trike in March for my fatbike, but that wasn't for fun. Wife needed cancer treatments, I needed a parking lot runner.

Fast forward 10 months shes doing great. Success. I was really freaked. She was too big time.
Now she wants her trike ready. Told me I had to ride a trike too.
Not my fatbike? Nooo...

I whined me up a bafang 500W rear hub on 20" wheel for xmas. Perfect for the trike, less drivetrain wear, easy git up go no. Its a greenway cruiser anyway I got fatbike for real street riding.

Frees up an SRAM DualDrive 3x7 hub. It was sweet too. I'll have to stew on how to use that hub...
6 speed cassette????; looks more like a 6 speed freewheel.
Its a cassette, mounted on a freehub. 7-speed, on an 8-speed freehub, dumped the smallest gear, flipped it, ground some clearance for cassette rivets, used it as a spacer with wide support on inside.
A normal spacer on outside.
Loot for my trike. My mid-drive stays on fatbike I like it too much.

Trike won't be my street terror machine, but it'll be ready for when honey wants to ride.

It's what I call the 'look at the pretty flowers' tour at 8mph. Just shoot me.
Look at the flowers urban...
I swapped hookworms for knobbies, and 18T jackshaft input for 21T and ran it that way for the winter. Lots of low end, hot off the line, top end at 30mph, maybe 4mph slower than the 18T. At that speed, wind overcomes 48cc.
But in the fields, Its actually dangerous it'll run up hills, pop over, and get some air. Makes me wild.

Had my winter fun. Today, took some bike pics.
Got home.
Found a tick crawling up my leg.

I'll point out the grey bag on back, it has an epi-pen, in case I get sprayed by a skunk, or bit by a tick, among other things that might make me spazz out.
If that tick had bit me...

Enjoy the pics, they're the last ones in the woods from me.
I put my hookworms and 18T back on.
Hell with the woods. I'm staying in the street.


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Springtime is here, and my favorite field of green corn / dead corn / no corn is wheat this year.

Buzzbike is well into 400 almost flawless miles on new engine. I've only raised the mix to 20:1. Honestly methinks thats a sweet spot for a hard running 48cc, no smoke no fouling plugs. It runs a good 30mph cruise, shifts like a manufactured
semi-automatic 6-speed motorbike.

And its quiet enough to hear my stereo.

The only thing I've had to do to it is inspect it and adjust brakes.

I may joyride my other bikes, but this one is a workhorse it runs every day for something.