bye bye motorised bicycles in NSW :(

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    news flash!

    "a 13 yr old boy from liverpool is in a serious condition after colliding with a van, whilst riding his motorised bicycle and not wearing a helmet"

    liverpool, sydney. about half an hour away, full of dole bludgers, junkies and non english speaking migrants. (i got no issues with migrating as long as you speak the language, or at least make efforts to learn it! this is the only country in the world that bends over backwards for anyone that just couldnt be bothered. BS! and then they get paid for it! more BS! get given a house and a job and whatever else they wont, just for an inability to speak the dominant language. while the rest of us have to work our butts off to support them.)

    so. it looks like i wont be bothering finishing any of the hopup items ive invested a few thousand dollars and a few hundred hours into, as theyll be banned now.

    just because of one lil brat that ignored either his parents or grandparents, and rode around on a bike with brakes that were not adjusted correctly (if the grandfathers interview means anything).

    obviously, he wasnt ever taught, or learnt how, to fix basic equipment.

    road rules? respect for others? how to engage brain and think? none of the above either...

    i work with a south african. i wish this was south africa. get hurt? its YOUR fault. the law isnt going to be changed just because of one lil snot faced runt having an accident. matter of fact, there isnt even a law for it!

    over here? even if he had no fuel, the engine had no head, or even a drive will be the motorised bicycle that bears the brunt of it.

    every news report made sure that "motorised bicycle" was mentioned at least twice...

    absolute complete and utter BS!!!!!

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    I really hope the child lives and is okay. :(

    His parents must be idiots to buy him a MB in the first place, a kid that age is bound to ride it faster than is safe if he's out on it unaccompanied. Must be kicking themselves now. :/ :/
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    The troubling thing with the mentality of Australian law makers is that they shift the responsibility "of people engaging in irresponsible actions" onto the shoulders of those people who "are responsible and respectful of others".

    Those people engaging in flagrantly irresponsible actions are not going to obey the law, or obey any new changes in the law, because if they did, they wouldn't have committed those actions in the first place.
    The only thing that increasingly draconian laws do (out of step with the general populace) is to entrap those who wish to enjoy life, in a never ending set of oppressive rules and regulations which "do not" reflect the risk involved in the activity.
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    :iagree: totally

    The law has changed in Victoria, allowing a police officer to treat "any bicycle as motorised" if it presents a physical representation of an internal combustion engine; even if the bicycle is fitted with a (non functioning) plastic toy engine from Kmart/Walmart.
    This allows the police officer to treat the bicycle as a "motorised bicycle with an internal combustion engine", thereby making all of the relevant legislation applicable to the cyclist, which means nothing less than a minimum of $2,000 worth of infringements.
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    This is the main reason I get down so hard on people making videos of irresponsible riding. So many places want to ban our bikes. Such videos can give lawmakers ammunition they need to do so. A video of responsible riding can be entertaining and teach other the proper way to ride. The sad fact is videos of irresponsible riding encourages other to do the same thing.
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    sounds JUST like what happens here in the USA
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    Just today I saw a guy, maybe 15 or 16 ride a MB down the middle of Williams parkway (somewhat busy 4-lane street) with no helmet, full blast WOT, wearing headphones, and was looking away to fiddle with his iPod for 3/4 of the time he was in my field of vision. And my field of vision included an intersection :shout:

    In Brampton, ON we also have a high immigrant population, middle-east/east asian mainly. think of it this way most of my classes in school only have 2 or 3 Caucasian people. I don't have a problem with immigrants, nearly all my friends are immigrants, but to be honest, they aren't typically very good drivers. (Brampton's vehicle insurance rates are almost double of surrounding areas). So I can't imagine why ANYONE would go on these roads, this one specifically which has an accident almost every day, and not be paying attention.

    Sadly I don't think the moped and MB crowd will last too long here. We have TONS of people on mopeds, scooters, and MBs, and none of them wear helmets, and none of the scooters/mopeds have plates. Here anything with an engine is considered a vehicle that must be licenced, registered and insured. No "under 50cc" here
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    If you have tons of them then it might reach critical mass. Particularly if the owners are a bit feisty and not stereotypical westerners who just love having the government tell them what to do.

    When I was in Thailand I saw all sorts of contraptions on the road. Scooters with 5 little kids on it - the driver also a little kid, scooters with a box shaped sidecar overflowing with stuff and someone sitting on top of it but most were going no faster than 20 mph, good distance between vehicles , very few cars. It didnt seem particularly dangerous.

    Not as dangerous as for example riding a legal, licenced, type approved scooter on a busy road in Ireland that's full of legal licenced, type approved cars where their owners have spent more money on scraps of paper (tax,insurance,annual test) and fuel tax than the car was ever worth.
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    When i was in Thailand, not so long ago, it was a huge eye opener. In 2 weeks of mixing it with the insanity (to westerners eyes) of the native inhabitants running through red lights and not obeying "any" of the road rules or road signage or speed limits, i never witnessed even so much as a scrape or fender bender; more impressive was that they were driving every sort of contraption you can imagine (stacked with as many people as it would physically allow, and not a damn seatbelt in sight), including motorized hand held agricultural machinery crudely adapted for motorized use on the road.
    I came away from the experience with a new insight to the fact that in the western world we are massively, massively, massively, massively over regulated by government departments seeking to justify their existence by creating a plethora of moronic laws and regulations; not having any real benefit to the ordinary citizen in the cut and thrust of daily life.
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    MB's should be made legal, but there should be a "reckless driving" charge for going too fast in busy areas, etc. isn't that what their trying to get rid of in the first place? Or do they just want more gas tax? :jester:
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    apparently the boy died.

    further news, his parents didnt buy it for him, and hadnt wanted him to have it.

    he did the sneaky, sold his normal treadly, blew the cash on a bottle of coke and a motorised bike with no brakes, and now...

    paid the price .

    harsh as it sounds... his fault. his actions. dont tell me "oh he was just a young boy" cus ill say i see mature intelligent people make stupid decisions too. people in this country and similar western thinking countries need to learn about responsibility and culpability.

    he knew he wasnt allowed one. he knew he should were a helmet. he knew its brakes needed fixing. he knew it had a full tank of gas. he knew it would be fun. he didnt know how to behave himself.

    maybe if he had been raised properly, rather than with a tv/xbox?

    it was amusing...walking past two old ladies that had just walked past a table of teens... "every third word out of those boys mouths was foul".

    thats intelligent, thats cool, thats fully sik bro:) get with the times, ladies. its all about how many times you can say FU....
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    :iagree: and the result of the situation (tragic as it is for the family of the boy who was killed) is that the law has been revised, turning yesterdays law abiding motorized cyclist into todays criminal; effectively making yesterdays law abiding motorized cyclist responsible for his actions, hence the need to "ban" this form of transport, preventing irresponsible children from killing themselves, of which that boy didn't respect yesterdays law and equally he would not respect tomorrows law, hence the burden of this situation falls on good citizens who just wish to ride a motorized bicycle in a respectful and safe manner; which they did before the child was killed and before the law was changed.

    You have no idea how much this steams me up.
    There is no need for that kind of lower cognitive language in public; potentially upsetting and/or insulting those old ladies whose husbands may have fought in the second world war; giving those teenagers the ability to live in a democracy to express their right to be completely anti-social to a society which supports them.
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    it was a sarcastic comment on how low society has sunk these days.

    takes intelligence to string a sentence together. something thats sadly lacking in this day and age.

    note the disc brakes on the front :jester:

    thanks for that link kiosk...
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    Wow, I thought I've seen stupid before, but it appears it's the norm now.Notice his "three lives lost is three too many" BS line.I wonder how many bicyclists have dies in the same time, or car drivers, or people in the shower.What a total tool, of those three what do you want to bet two were from stupidity on the bikers part?Is it really so sad if a stupid person doesn't get to breed?Why is death not seen as a normal part of life?I guess if you don't live long enough to pay taxes it's a crime.
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    i like your way of thinking :)

    if you dont live long enough to pay rent or buy an overly priced house...if you dont live long enough to buy a car, support the oil industries by fueling it up then sitting in traffic burning it up, if you dont have to use toll roads that are approximately $4 a pop and you have to pass through at least 3 on your way to work, so thats $24 a day... all the while keeping your eyes open for speed cameras, red light cameras, and the best one of all, unmarked "safety camera" cars that sit on the road side, as more and more illiterate immigrants come over, and just sit at 50km/h in 90km/h zones... i fail to see the point in having a ferrari when its just idling away all its life? or any other car. i just chose ferrari cus they cost a fortune... touch the throttle just once and youre gunna get done! plus the suspension will be destroyed by our shocking roads anyway :jester:

    if you dont live long enough to pay lots of superannuation so some fat bank manager can use YOUR money to get rich, whilst suffering no consequences if their investments turn sour, and they never actually have to pay out if you happen to make it to a retirement age... while the retirement age is gradually increased, so they dont have to pay out if you do retire anyway...

    the one good thing they changed recently in road rules? motorbikes can now lane split, or "ride between cars standing still, as long as one doesnt exceed 30km/h"...etc etc , yarda yarda... that will be rolled back shortly though, i bet!

    get yourself an education kids...go to uni, get a degree...then never find a job that uses it! dont worry about farming or anything as BORING as that, we will just import our food from overseas! get yourself a mortgage, engage in a life of debt, but dont dare to try and cut that dead tree that hangs over your house, cus we will fine you...but if youre an overseas resident...welcome! welcome! come buy our farm lands(the bits that we havent turned into concrete jungles for the immigrants to live in), rip out everything, while our own citizens get jailed for looking crosseyed at a tree thats on their land, the land thats been in the family for the last five generations...
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    I think there is a tendancy in most governments to just make a problem go away, rather than deal with the true culprit, like irresponsible parents.
    -The easiest way to make a motorized vehicle problem go away is to outlaw that motorized vehicle.
    -The rights of all get restricted by the idiocy of the few.
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    Couldn't agree with you more.


    I am glad someone has the courage (in this do-gooder age) to call it like it is.


    Now that's much closer to the truth.