Bye bye Skyliner


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Nov 17, 2007
I'm bummed because the Schwinn Skyliner has been discontinued. I was able to buy a bunch at clearnace prices for 89 bucks a shot and I'm down to my last build. I think I'm going to keep it and switch to building Schwinn Searchers.

If anybody knows a good source for Skyliners, let me know. I wouldn't mind buying a couple more. They really make great motored bikes! I'll post my secret engine mounting method one of these days. Its super sturdy and works great for the 2 stroke frame mounted motors.

has anyone seen this Skyliner??

I saw these 2 skyliners at walmart yesterday. $150

both of these bikes are listed as "women's" on the website. I'm not seeing why the first link is considered a woman's style bike??? maybe a typo??

this bike....girlee al the way
HAHAHA....I see it now....the 2nd link calls the bike "mens" in the features & specs.

The toptube is huge & square-ish, tapers down toward the seatpost.
the bottom tube is just huge.

I kinda like the look of the 1st bike.
I hate the new Skyliner. I miss the old ones already. They were awesome!
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Has anyone motorized one of the new Skyliners? The big squarish top tube looks like it will not take a fuel tank, and the bottom tube is very oval up and down, so the moutn may fit but you'll need LONG mounting bolts. They are one sale at my WalMart for $99..
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