César's Bark Canoe

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    That was a true joy to watch. Amazing skills.
  3. I had read how this was done, but to see it, wow. Much stronger than I had imagined. He is awesome.
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    That's ancient technology. Made one that way in Boy Scouts.
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    2 years ago i visited the canoe museum in Peterborough Ontario and saw it being done in real life.This area produced more canoes than anywhere else in North America and also had many kayak displays.
    Pictured is me at Kentucky Lake (not in U.S.) in B.C. Canada last weekend.

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    Another Boat

    Here's another boat and another artist from another culture. Though there's a tragic story in the background, it's still a pleasure to watch Mr. Blackwood at work.

    David Blackwood ... Print Maker
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    It has been a long time dream of mine to build a wooden canoe. Maybe in about 20 years when I retire. It seems like it would be very relaxing and good for the soul.

    My wife and I canoe a couple of time each year, weather permitting. Here are a few pics of us on our favorite river. The Mulberry River in Arkansas.
    We have never brought a camera wiith us until this year, but will be carrying one on all future visits.


    If any of you have canoed any good rivers, (outside of AR, as we have floated all of them that are worth getting on and some that weren't), tell, me about them. We are constantly looking for a challenge. We plan on floating the Snake River one of these days.
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    I canoed the McKenzie to its confluence with the Willamette, then the Willamette to Salem in Oregon years ago. Spent 5 days on the river with friends - it was great. I've also canoed on the Deschutes in Oregon, the upper Sacramento in Cali, and the best trip of all - the Bowron Lakes Provincial Park in BC. Always wanted to do the Boundary Waters as well, but never managed it.
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    Always wanted to build a wood boat..since I was a kid...2 years ago took the plunge,,Started on a 16ft ocean kayak design..African mahogany,was obsessed with this thing in the garage for almost a year every night..after 12 coats of marine varnish it looks like a Steinway piano and blasts thru the ruff stuff in the Gulf of Mexico like a torpedio..I get kinda tired paddling though...should figure out how to put a HT motor in it.
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    Funny you should say that, TT. My son, whom I live with, is in the process of building a puddle duck racer - a tiny sailboat. Since we live in an upstairs apt, he is using the living room to build it in. Which has turned that room into an obstacle course.

    A friend in Colorado Springs built a large kayak 4 years ago, trucked it to the headwaters of the Missouri, then spent 17 months paddling down river to the Mississippi, then down that to New Orleans, then around the Gulf Coast to Brownsville. Now he is working on a large sea kayak which he intends to put in the water at KC, Missouri, then down ole man river to the Gulf, around the gulf to the tip of Flotida, then island hop to the northeast coast of South America, intending to take it around to the Amazon and up the Amazon as gar as he can get. Figures it''ll take him about 4 years. I really hope he makes it/
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    simple simon would like to talk more about this ....what is your friends name......you and your son..careful about those epoxy fumes it that apartment
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    I'll ask my friend if it's okay to give his name out.

    As far as the epoxy fumes go, the fluing/paintin/varnishing, as well as all the major cuts are being done in the bed of his pickup on the weekends, mostly. I'm really not into boats, myself. Used to do some canoing and a very little kayaking. Boats are my sons (and my nephews) thing.
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    Sounds amazing SS, you may already have read this in another thread, but the wife and I are planning on a move to Oregon country in about 4 or 5 years. I will definately be jumping in a canoe as soon as we get there, providing it's the summer months. Post some pics of the progress on your son's boat. We would all love to see them.

    (It's funny Turtle Tedd should mention the HT on a boat. Last night I had a dream that I ran into an old friend. Went to his house on my bike. He had a rather large ski boat. At some point in the dream I decided it would be a good idea to assemble my bike to the top of the boat and began picking up anything I could find to use as a makeshift prop. It was coming along nicely when the alarm woke me. Shame.)
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    I would like to see some pics of this, too. Sounds beautiful. How many hours do you think you spent on it? about how much money did the materials run you? All the questions that have kept me from starting the project of my dreams. I would have to go for an open canoe as opposed to a kayak though.
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    Well, scokes, where you choose to live in Oregon will greatly effect how many months a year you van reasonably canoe. Honestly, in the Willamette valley, it is all year round. Arkansas has colder winters than most of western Oregon.

    I grew up in the PNW, and love that country. Unfortunately, I can't afford to live there.

    I'll check with my son about borrowing his camera and getting some pics of his PDR sailboat. Right now it is a bunch of chunks of flat plywood with molding fixed to one or more edges.
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    ive done the whanganui river in new zealand, it was awesome, theres a movie based around it 'river queen' with american leads so you guys might actually watch it.
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    That is a great article with a nice second page as well...

    That would probably be a better starter project than what I want to do.

    17.5' wooden canoe. complete kit forms, material and all $2100.

    I don't think I could beat that as a beginner.
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    Scokes the bead and cove canoe construction is tricky ,many things can go wrong...I have known pro boat builders who messed these things up..stich and glue process,although it sounds funky makes for a stronger straighter true canoe...the northwoods canoe kits are rerly nice ..one of the best