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    This thread is a slight introduction of me and a few questions.

    I am new to this forum and have found myself interested in a motorized bicycle.
    First of all I'm in California and would like to know if you need any registration/ license to ride it on the streets here?

    Next I would like to know how far you ride your bike daily.

    I have a budget of about $200 and want to build one for myself. Is that budget high enough?

    I remember I owned a 47cc 2 stroke mini go cart/ pocket bike (Using this engine 47cc Pocket Bike Engine), but the engine had heat problems all the time and I even used the right oil to gas ratios, max I would be able to ride it without smelling the engine would be about 4-5 miles. I weigh 200 lbs. I hope these motorized bicycles are far more reliable.

    Do you guys have problems with your engines? Do you ride daily?
    2 stroke or 4 stroke is better? Or are they both reliable in terms of engines for a motorized bike since I believe the engines are different from the 47cc engine I linked (I think the 47cc ones are generic and aren't branded engines)?
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    Gera...Welcome to MBc. Sorry it took me a while to get to you, but I was checking thru the 'Intro' posts and just noticed that nobody had extended you a proper welcome. I apologize fore that. Therefore, I'm going to try and answer some of your questions that do not properly belong in this particular forum...they just should be posted elsewhere. But you have been waiting here so long without complaint, I'll try and do my best...alright?

    Thank you for checking in with us in the proper Forum "Introduce Yourself". However, you are in the wrong spot for all your questions. Altho, just this once, I will try and answer as many as I can. First, I have no idea what you need from the DMV in order to ride your bike in CA. We have a whole Forum devoted to Motorized Biking Laws and Legislation, and an excellent search function that will help with that. Weather permitting, I ride my Trike just for fun...many members ride theirs, rain or shine, to commute to and from work.

    $200 is a little low, depending on what you want and what you need. From the 'ground up', many members have bought bike, motor kit, and "aggravation/perspiration", for about $300, give or take. I have roughly $3000 in mine...Others have that much invested in a custom seat. I guess it is all relative. As for 2-stroke/4-stroke you are getting a merely personal opinion, here. I strongly prefer a 4-cycle engine over a 2-cycle one. 4-strokes are quieter, less maintenance, don't require mixing oil with gas, sturdier, don't smell as much, and, (from my experience) are more economical.

    Gera...I am perhaps not the best person to ask about your engine 'economy' questions. When I built my Meteor I did not even consider the 'low-end engines and went straight for (what I consider) the 'top of the line' 4-stroke. That being the Robin-Subaru EH035. It has an oil system just like an automobile with inside passages, check valves, pumping system, and all of the internal passages needed for proper lubrication. If you check the Robin-Subaru webpage, they have diagrams and specs that are very informative. The crankcase does not just splash oil around and call it good.

    So much for my attempt to answer your questions. All MB engines require constant maintenance and service to stay in top condition. You don't have to bring them to bed with you, but you do have to check the nuts, bolts, chain, and idler for tightness each time you go out. Check the oil/gas levels and mix to make sure they are proper (don't take someone else's word that it is 'Okay'...check and be sure!)--If someone loads your empty tank with straight high-octane gas that, or has confused your gas can with one containing straight 93 octane and no oil, and you can kiss your engine goodbye. If you need any further information [which I'm sure you will] read, read, and read the threads...and use our search function. Also, check the General Discussion area, and some of the other Forums that strike your fancy. Don't forget to read the 'stickies' at the top of this Forum and all of the others...they contain valuable information you will need to negotiate the forums, and rules you must follow. Good Luck to you, and hope to see you around the boards.

    p.s.I know this is a lot more info than I intended to lay out in the beginning, but I hope it is all useful.
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    Patrick is right, At least a few should have said Welcome to M.B.c.
    For a lot of your answers google DMV 406. I'll give you ALL the other sections if you're interested. Ca. says license and reg. required, but the cops hardly ever ask for it. Just I.D.
    Big Red,
    San Jose, Ca.
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    Thanks, Red, for the reinforcement. I appreciate all the help I can get, and I'm sure Gera does, too.