Ca.Laws in the White Zone



I think I'm doing this right ... I think the white zone can include a topic that has its own department . I'm avoiding adding to what seems like string after string of beating a dead horse but with 1 glaring exception that no one is mentioning in those strings.

I've read each argument and the posted Laws concerning those $17 plates and I come repeatedly back to one singular problem .... whether you twist your vehicle in your own mind to be a MOPED,a MOTORIZED BICYCLE, or just a "PEDEL ASSISTED" bicycle you will ALWAYS need on ANY OF THOSE FORMS..... a VIN and an engine serial number regardless if you've chosen to call your vehicle one that needs financial responsibility, or full night time road worthiness, or whatever .

Personally, perjury bothers me more than being stopped without a plate .... at least without a plate I can stupidly ask the officer how do you get registration without a vin. But seriously, I do not believe anybody with fear of the law or fear of God is left with any possible way to honestly and above board get these bicycles registered correctly. I know the bike guy with the Whizzer sales has the best 'method'. But I honestly see there is no true existing method that you, me, Billy Graham, or the Pope could use to legally get one of these bikes cop pleasin' .... It all leaves me with one last thought .. arent these bikes the same 'off road' type of thing as an old Briggs n stratton red frame/white engine minibike ? or like a go cart ? .... Is it the fact that "bike Lanes" are still "on road?" .... I know the easiest thing would be to fake the numbers and send in the $17 dollars, but I still just can't believe that the DMV if I went in could tell me anything WORSE than the varied solutions we have in the strings answers. (Unless they would say they advised I lock it up in my garage and throw away the key ...) which would be a lot like the old gag phrase "You can't get there from here Sonny !" Has anyone here in Ca. actually gone in yet and asked the DMV since the dated posts I just ran through ? What did they say ?
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