Cabin Fever remedy

Discussion in 'Antique Motorized Bicycles' started by JE, Dec 22, 2008.

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  1. JE

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    Well we've gotten 2 ft of snow in the last couple days. Somthing we're not use to here on the vally floor in the PNW. I starterd getting cabin fever today really bad so I decided to take my Green 1937 Shelby Airflow apart about a week early. The tank that holds the battery for the horn and light will be here any Day. It was the last peice I was looking for before I could start painting it. All I have left to find is the Delta horn light for the front and a Delta Defender tail light for the rear.It will be painted the factory Black with red darts and white pin stripe. The other bike is my 1949 Colson Flyer. All I have left to find is the correct Chain guard.. I'll be painting it the factory Two tone blue with a white pin stripe.

  2. JE

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    Ug battery went dead in the Camera. I'll post the pictures in a hr or two.
  3. I'm working on a kid's bike for my god daughter for christmas. 5 bucks at the thrift store. I put solid tubes in there then I stripped it of it's paint with paint stripper then laid on the white primer. It's really too cold for painting and I payed for it when the sprayer started spraying in dried splotches so I'll sand it smooth it's primer anyway.
    Hopefully tomorrow it would be warm enough to paint then clear coat. It's gonna be a pink bike.
    I'll post pics of the stages when it's all done.
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    Good tip is to bring the frame inside and put it in front of a heater for a couple hrs. Make sure the frame is warm all over for best results. Also do the same with the paint and gun or if you're using a spray can stick it in some warm water.If you do that and put on several light to medium coats it should turn out nice.
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    Here are the pictures. Both bike will be getting taken appart today and the frames forks fenders and racks will be taken to get acid dipped to remove the paint and rust.All the other parts will be going to the Chrome shop. I'm off work until the middle of Febuary and want to have both bikes done by then.

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